New Album from Half time Old

news - 19.10.2017 00:13
source: OHP
Nagoya-based rock band Half time Old will release a new album on December 6th.

Their second full-length release, Hakken to gimon will feature 12 new songs. It will also contain a piano version of Shooting Star, the lead track from their first full album Jinsei no tsukaikata, as a bonus 13th track.

To promote the release, the band has been distributing a free sampler featuring short versions of three new songs and the piano version of Shooting Star at live venues and at various record stores. They have been distributing the sampler both in person and by leaving stacks of the CDs for people to take since August.

The videos for Shooting Star and Antihero from their first album can be viewed below.

Shooting Star

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