New Single from Jin-Machine

news - 12.11.2017 12:29
source: OHP
Visual kei band Jin-Machine will release a new single on December 13th.

Uretakute will be available in three versions. Each one will feature different B-sides and instrumental versions of all of its tracks.

Type A's coupling track will be Maguro ni kaketa otokotachi, and it will also contain five live recordings from Jin-Machine's May one-man at Hatsudai DOORS. Type B, on the other hand, will include MARIA and five live tracks from their July one-man at Harajuku Astro Hall. Type C will include two B-sides: Happy and Pachinko, but no live tracks.

A short version of the video for their March single Ganbare! Sakura, adios can be viewed below. You can also check out our recent interview with the band for more information about the single and their unique style.

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