Two New Albums from Kiyoharu

news - 15.11.2017 04:32
Kiyoharu recently announced that he has transferred over to TRIAD, a sublabel of Nippon Columbia. To start off his relationship with this new label, he will release two new albums.

The first will be a "rhythm-less" album titled Elegy that will hit stores on December 13th. Elegy is said to be an attempt to transform the worldview of his MONTHLY PLUGLESS "Elegy" concert series into studio recordings - previously-released songs have been rearranged and rerecorded in an intimate and emotional style without rhythm instruments. It will be available in one 2CD+DVD edition. The second CD features poetry reading versions of each song, while the DVD features the music video for LAW'S and live footage from his show at Mt.RAINIERHALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASERE.

The second will be an original studio album titled Yoru, Carmen no shishuu, which will be released in spring 2018. It is said to have a band sound that contrasts sharply with the worldview of Elegy. More details will be revealed at a later date.

The video for the "rhythm-less" version of LAW'S can be viewed below.

In addition, Kiyoharu is part of the all-star lineup of vocalists contributing to SUGIZO's 20th anniversary album ONENESS M. A digest preview of five songs from the release, including the song VOICE featuring Kiyoharu, was just revealed today:

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