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news - 18.11.2017 04:24
Visual kei band Hakubishin have announced some good and bad news.

First of all, they will release a new single titled Ita Choco on February 14th, 2018. It will be their very first single, following their debut mini-album Sukimanual, which was just released this June.

The single will be available in two versions. Type A will feature the title track, a currently untitled B-side and a bonus DVD with the music video and making-of footage for Ita Choco. The CD-only Type B will feature two exclusive B-sides, but not the coupling track from Type A.

Unfortunately, guitarist Moka suddenly announced his departure from the group today due to family circumstances. His parents suffered leg injuries recently that have made working and going about daily life difficult for them. While he has been attempting to balance assisting them alongside his siblings with band activities since last month, it has proven to be too difficult and he has decided to focus on helping his family. The remaining members apologized for the sudden announcement and stated they will continue on with a support member.

The video for Shiawase nara te o tatakou from Sukimanual can be viewed below.

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