New Single from Mrs. GREEN APPLE

news - 13.12.2017 14:20
source: OHP
Pop rock band Mrs. GREEN APPLE will release a new single titled Love me, Love you on February 14th, 2018.

The title track is said to be a showy, Broadway-esque number. The second track, Log, will be a collaboration with singer-songwriter Sakaguchi Ami and pianist Kan Sano. Fans may already be familiar with the final song Shunshuu from their live performances.

The release will be available in two editions. The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD featuring the music video and making-of for the title track, as well as live footage of five songs from their July 15th performance at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall. The regular edition will be CD-only.

The band also just released a digital single titled WHOO WHOO WHOO on December 4th. You can watch a short version of its music video below:

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