Takizawa Hideaki and Miyake Ken Announce KEN☆Tackey's Debut

news - 06.04.2018 23:07
source: natalie.mu
V6 member Miyake Ken and Takizawa Hideaki, one half of Tackey & Tsubasa, have announced their debut as a new musical duo under the name KEN☆Tackey.

KEN☆Tackey will debut this summer under the avex trax label with the release of their first CD and their new song Gyakuten Lovers. Further details on the release will be announced at a later date. Keep your eye on KEN☆Tackey's official website for more updates.

Miyake and Takizawa have starred together in the theater show "Takizawa Kabuki" since 2016. Both presented Gyakuten Lovers during the first show of "Takizawa Kabuki 2018" on April 5th at the famous Shinbashi Theater in Tokyo.

Furthermore, KEN☆Tackey will be featured in a new spot for the fast food franchise "Kentucky Fried Chicken", which will begin airing at the end of May.

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