First Single from Kagekui

news - 15.04.2018 07:50
New visual kei band Kagekui will release their debut single on June 6th.

Titled Shabondama, it will feature two tracks: the title song and the B-side Mousouheki. It will also come with a bonus DVD containing the music video for Shabondama.

Kagekui is a brand new band that was just revealed in March. It consists of four members: vocalist Kokoro, guitarist Take, bassist Yuki and drummer Tamaki. Yuki was formerly known as Motoi in the band DAYDALA, while Tamaki is an ex-member of the groups Chiodo and Unfate.

The band will play its first official show, Yakusoku no hi, at Ikebukuro EDGE on June 5th. Their first one-man, Yanderu bokura no hitorigoto, will be held at Ikebukuro BlackHole on September 1st.

You can keep your eye on the band's official website and Twitter account for more information.

The full video for Shabondama is available here.
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