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news - 19.04.2018 05:17
source: OHP
Reggae quartet Shounannokaze are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut this year. As part of their celebrations, they will release both a new album and a new single in June.

The album will be titled Shounannokaze ~ichigo ichie~, and it will hit stores on June 13th. Their seventh in total, it will be available in two editions. Both will feature 15 tracks. The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD, while the regular edition will be CD-only.

One June 6th, exactly a week before the album comes out, the group will release a new double A-side single. Currently, only one of the two title tracks, Rokushi musou, has been revealed. The single will be available in three editions. Type A will feature six live recordings, giving it a total of eight tracks. Type B will contain just the two title songs, but it will have a special limited jacket. Type C will also include just two tracks, but it will feature the regular jacket. Further details will be announced at a later date.

The video for Yubi from Shounannokaze's March single Yamechimae! can be viewed below.

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