First Mini-Album from EVERSSIC

news - 20.04.2018 11:12
source: Visunavi
New visual kei band EVERSSIC will release their debut mini-album on May 14th.

SAIL ON MUSIC will be released on GOD CHILD RECORDS, and it will be available in two versions. Type A will feature five tracks: SAIL AWAY, BREAK OUT!!, TICTAC, Murasaki dokuageha and Bon Voyage, as well as a bonus DVD with the music video for SAIL AWAY and making-of footage. Type B will be CD-only, but it will add a sixth track titled Ai o sakebe.

EVERSSIC is a brand new band that was just revealed in February. Its name is a combination of the words "ever", "music" and "classic", representing the members' desire to create music that will last. Its line-up features ex-BLESSCODE vocalist masaya, guitarists Kaoru and Daiju, bassist Yuzuki and drummer Keita. Fans may remember Yuzuki from the short-lived visual kei band Irodori, and Keita was formerly a member of LAGNA. EVERSSIC will start activities in earnest with a show titled Journey to El Dorado that will be held at Takadanobaba AREA on May 12th.

The video for SAIL AWAY and a digest trailer for the mini-album can be viewed below.

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