[ALEXANDROS] Announces New Single and Album, Sings Theme and Featured Song for "BLEACH" Live-Action Film

news - 20.04.2018 16:41
source: Press Release
Rock band [ALEXANDROS] has announced the release of a new single titled KABUTO for May 23rd, a new album in fall, and revealed they will sing the theme and featured song for the “BLEACH” live-action film that opens July 20th in Japan.

KABUTO, available in two editions, comes with three tracks. The second track, Hanauta, used as Tokyo Metro's “Find my Tokyo.” TVC song, is the band's first collaboration project. Hanauta features emerging poet Tahi Saihate as a lyricist and renowned producer Takeshi Kobayashi as an arranger. [ALEXANDROS] has been working on their music in New York and the Limited Edition of KABUTO comes with a photo book that includes exclusive photos taken in the studio and behind the scenes.

[ALEXANDROS] will sing the “BLEACH” live-action film's theme song Mosquito Bite, as well as featured song MILK. Mosquito Bite will be released in early summer.

The first trailer for the “BLEACH” live-action film, which was revealed in February, features the instrumental version of MILK. Watch it below:

The new trailer for the “BLEACH” live-action film with theme song Mosquito Bite can be watched below:

[ALEXANDROS] vocalist and guitarist Yoohei Kawakami commented, “We watched the preview and all of us just wanted to pay for it. We’re honored to be part of this film. The first impression of the film and this 'I’m not giving in' mentality perfectly matched. I already had the title Mosquito Bite in my mind, but it also means that 'it’s only like a mosquito bite when you are trying to hurt me'. When we tried songwriting in New York as a challenge, it also became our theme song to keep our heads high. It shows how much we grew as a band and I feel like this will open another door for us.”
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