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news - 26.04.2018 11:31
source: OHP
SKY-HI will release a new single on June 27th.

Both of the title tracks from Snatchaway / Diver’s High are being used in tie-ups with the "Gundam" franchise. Snatchaway is the theme song of the game "New Gundam Breaker", while Diver's High is the opening theme of the anime "Gundam Build Divers".

Produced by Koichi Tsutaya, Snatchaway is a funky track inspired by the worldview of the game. It features horns from SKY-HI's backing band THE SUPER FLYERS. Diver's High, on the other hand, is a rock track that was produced by Seiji Kameda. It features chorus vocals and aggressive guitar work from UNISON SQUARE GARDEN frontman Kosuke Saito, as well as bass from Kameda. SKY-HI looked to the script of the anime for inspiration for the lyrics.

The single will be available in four editions. The CD+DVD edition that will feature the videos for the two title tracks and making-of footage and the regular CD-only edition will be available in stores nationwide. The other two versions will be CD+DVD and CD+Blu-ray editions available exclusively from the mu-mo shop. They will feature live footage from the Los Angeles show of his SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 world tour and a 52-page photobook featuring images from the concerts in LA, New York, Paris and London.

The video for Diver's High and a promo video for "New Gundam Breaker" featuring part of Snatchaway can be viewed below:

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