T/ssue Disbands

news - 29.07.2018 05:12
source: OHP
Rock band T/ssue surprised fans today by suddenly announcing that they officially disbanded following their one-man live at LIVE BOX UNLIMITS Osu in their hometown of Nagoya. The show was held to commemorate the release of their digital single Memory, which came out this April, but the members gave no indication beforehand that it would be their last.

The members reflected on their five-year career in individual comments on their official website. While they all apologized for the sudden announcement, bassist Ozawa Daichi took responsibility for the decision, stating that he first brought up the idea of disbanding the group in January because he wished to explore studying fields outside of music. He wrote that because T/ssue has always consisted of the same four members, they all agreed that they would rather disband than search for a replacement if a member ever decided to quit. He also apologized for the way the announcement was made, stating that he didn't want to inform the fans of their decision before because he didn't want to start their last show with everyone in tears.

Addressing the possibility of the same four members forming another band together, Ozawa stated that his music career is over, but that he would be happy to see his three friends continue performing together. Guitarist Hanaoka Tadashi and drummer Iwata Yohei both clearly stated that they intend to continue making music in the future, but frontman Sone Ichiro was less direct about his plans.

An audio preview of Memory can be listened to below, and their final CD release, the mini-album Blue, is available for streaming overseas via Spotify.

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