TegoMass in Sweden

news - 01.11.2006 23:00
source: Westin Promotion
NewS members Tegoshi and Masuda have formed a new group under the name TegoMass. As exceptional as it is, their first single, Miso Soup, is going to be released only in Sweden for the price of 3,70 euros. The song, sung in English, will be the first International pop track to include the Swedish traditional instrument called key-fiddle. Japan will have their own version released afterwards.

As with the earlier Shuji to Akira single, Seishun Amigo, the reason for releases in Sweden, are the ones working behind the scenes to promote this Jpop act.

TegoMass will be arriving personally to Stockholm, Sweden on November 14th-16th in order to promote their single. They'll be performing and giving out interviews. Fans will be able to attend a special release event on the 15th, where they'll see the duo perform and also have a chance to shake the hands of these Johnny's idols.
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