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news - 07.12.2010 08:37
Ayabie and Megamasso have finally cleared the rumours by confirming a co-operation between Aoi from ayabie and Ryohei (ex-Ayabie and current member of Megamasso), called Aoi & Ryohei incl. Ayabie Megamasso.

This announcement was made earlier today, when both members appeared at the open-air stage in front of Shinjuku station and performed two songs together. The first song was Kei, an old Ayabie song from when Ryohei was still in the band. The second song was a brand-new one, which has been revealed to be Aoi & Ryohei incl. Ayabie Megamasso's first single, Monochrome. A free CD was distributed to the people who came to see them at Shinjuku, featuring another new song, Saihate, which was written by Ryohei. The event was relayed via a video streaming service and reportedly totalled 16,809 viewers.

Titled Monochrome, the visual kei unit’s first single will be released on February 16th in both regular and limited editions. The limited edition will come with a DVD featuring a music video, its making-of and an interview. Four tracks will be included in the limited edition of Monochrome, while the regular edition will contain six tracks. Both versions will feature alternate CD covers and will come with a trading card randomly selected out of three designs.

Aoi also announced that they will hold the last concert as Ayabie on Christmas Eve, and that Ryohei would also be a part of this concert.
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