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SEX-ANDROID, Sekuan for short, is a three-member band from Kanagawa Prefecture that is considered by some as iryou kei (medical themed) or, generally, as angura kei (underground). The members themselves define its style as “medic rock” (isha rock), which involves performing in white smocks and using other medical accessories, like stethoscopes. The band used to sound like a typical punk group influenced by the Sex Pistols, but when guitarist Toru joined the line-up, its songs gained more of a jazzy and pop feel. Sekuan’s mascot is a pink rabbit wrapped in a knuckle duster-containing nappy.

The vocalist, YU-DAI, is the one mainly responsible for writing lyrics, and his hallmarks include white make-up, blond hair and wooden geta sandals. During concerts he often uses a megaphone instead of a microphone and makes his performances interesting with props, such as a ladder or, to associate with Japanese tradition, a samurai sword and nunchaku. The main composer is guitarist Toru. He is the only member who does not put on white make-up, having chosen a misshitsu kei-type image. Bassist JUNRO, affectionately called by fans as Hagesama, grew tired of hiding his baldness, dyed his hair red and had it cut in a nanbu hairstyle (derived from Nanbu Torata from Tokyo Shock Boys). He is often the protagonist in the band’s PVs, which feature comedic stories and guests from other bands.
  • Guitarra: YOSHITAKA [1995 / 2001 - Saiu]
  • Baixo: TOMO [1998 / 2001 - Saiu]
  • Bateria: AZUMI [1998 / 2000 - Saiu]
  • Bateria: Bakku [2000 / 2001 - Saiu]
  • Bateria: MASA [1995 / 1998 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
  • Baixo: Komachi [1996 / 1996 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
  • Bateria: Umeki [1996 / 1998 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
  • Baixo: HIRO [1998 / 1998 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
  • Baixo: SACO [2001 / 2002 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
  • Bateria: SEIJI [2001 / 2004 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
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