Unlucky Morpheus

indies - Ativo (2008 - )
Founded as a duo in August 2008, Unlucky Morpheus has grown steadily in size and stature to become one of the leading lights of Japan's metal "doujin circles" - independent metal acts that self-publish their works. Known to fans as "Ankimo", the band's "technical melodic speed metal" style is built around the neoclassical shredding of guitarist Shiren.

After six years of producing "Touhou Project" arrange albums almost exclusively, in 2014, Unlucky Morpheus released their first original album, affected.
  • Guitarra: seiya [2010 / 2011 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
  • Teclados: Shachou [2010 / 2011 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
  • Bateria: K-no [2010 / 2011 - Saiu - membros de apoio]
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