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HALCALI is a two-girl unit from their hometown of Meguro. The group is made up of childhood friends Haruka (nicknamed HALCA) and Yukari (YUCALI).

The two met during their elementary school years and met when they attended the same dance school. After they became friends, they became known as a cute "Girl Hip Hop Unit". During their transition from middle to high school, the duo competed at the Female Rapper Audition. They blew away the crowd and representatives from O.T.F. (Oshare Track Factory) jumped at the chance to produce this talented young group. (O.T.F. is composed of Fumiya and Ryo-Z, two members of the popular hip-hop group Rip Slyme.)

In July of 2002, during a free concert held at the Budokan theatre, HALCALI performed with Rip Slyme and their introduced their first single, Tandem, before a whopping crowd of ten thousand people!

Instantly their catchy melodies, combining pop and hip-hop and a smatter of nonsensical English took off, and created a fresh new sound in the Japanese rap community.

2003 was their big year: In January they released Tandem and a couple months later, their infamous single Electric Sensei. Another single followed, then their first album, HALCALI BACON, was released in autumn and followed by another single.

HACALI hardly toned it down in 2004. They performed cover songs on tribute albums and released two more singles and another full album. In March of 2005, HALCALI threw out a remix album of their most popular songs called HALCALI Mix and released a single, Tip Taps Tip, at the end of the year.

In 2006, Tip Taps Tip was also featured as one of the theme songs to the widely popular anime Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven. Also this year, the girls have also released one single called Twinkle Star. In July of the following year, the duo released their album Cyborg oretachi. That month they also made their debut in France, appearing at Japan Expo.

In January of 2008 the duo returned to France and performed at JPop Night. In February it was announced that HALCALI would collaborate with the new comic book "eV" published by TokyoPop. The video will feature the duo's song Sister Ship and animated eV graphics by James Farr. Now HALCALI is preparing for their American debut in May.

Still under the age of 20, HALCA and YUCALI continue to be sweet and sharp like raspberry sorbet on top of the lead female hip-hip groups.
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