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The band was created in Kobe in 2003 as Shi-no Project, and changed their name to Gram∞Maria in August that same year. The creator, leader, main composer and author of lyrics as well as vocalist is Shi-no. The second member of the basic line-up is Sayo, the pianist. The remaining musicians are support members.

In March 2003 the band released its first, single entitled Gram∞Maria which was limited to 100 copies. DEEP was released three months later, with just 50 copies being distributed. The two releases were signed as shi-no Project, but in August the band released the first mini-album already under the new name, Gram∞Maria.

2004 was a busy year as band played at many events and festivals. In July, one of their songs was featured on an omnibus Neo Rock Premium, distributed during lives only. In December, Gram∞Maria participated in Kobe Chicken Underground Night. In February 2005 they performed at WEG ZUM KUF 2005, along with Calmando Qual. On December 11th, they played their first one-man show in Osaka, which was very well received by the fans.

2006 was a busy year for Gram∞Maria, as they played many lives and the summer witnessed the release of two more singles. The band also played for the first time overseas, performing in Poland in October. By the end of the year, they had also released their first mini-album. The band fell silent for several months, and did not resuface again until Spring 2007, where they had a flutter of activity between the release of a new single, a European four-stop tour in April and performances at a few Japanese multi-band events. During the summer, Gram∞Maria fell quiet again but their live schedule flourished again in October when they returned to Europe, playing in Germany, Austria and Poland.

Fans were startled in January 2008 at the sudden news of Gram∞Maria's dissolution, but the break up was short lived, and the band released two new singles in the spring, under the new name A.Q.U.A.. The new band played just one event before they too disbanded, and Gram∞Maria resumed activities in September with a new support line up; rotating drummers Yasu and Wackey, guitarists Omii and Genki, and Takuma on bass. Gram∞Maria participated on the omnibus PLANETARIUM SHOW CASE in October and were supposed to tour South America in November, however Shi-no fell sick and the tour had to be postponed.

Gram∞Maria has announced two event shows thus far for 2009, end of Overture and over the inferno.
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