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chariots was formed in December of 2007 by vocalist Riku and producer KISAKI, both from Phantasmagoria. Their first maxi-single came out right away and reached number seven on the Oricon indies single charts. It was an excellent footing for the new band to start off on. The CD's three songs covered different styles and showed off Riku's various styles of singing, assuring fans there would be plenty to look forward to.

Within their first six months, chariots had put out four maxi-singles, each placing higher on the Oricon charts than the debut single had. Doku earned the highest rank at third. During that time they played throughout Japan as part of their 2007-2008 Art of the Scream tour, and performed at other events including the Tribute to Phantasmagoria 2008 in March, a two-man with Sadie in May, and another with Versailles in September.

In November, they have a two type single coming out, and a month later a simultaneous two mini-album release campaign, all of which will maintain their image as a young band that churns out releases at an impressive rate. This will be followed in December by their one-man tour, Juusei, soko kara hajimaru., celebrating their one-year anniversary. It will have been a promising first year for the new band, and we look forward to seeing how they will develop in the future.
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