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The band formed on January 1st 2009, and a month later an official homepage was launched. At first the band was lacking a drummer, so they were supported by various musicians, like Yume from Ruvie and Teruki from An Café (which was currently on hiatus). In June 2011, an official drummer was finally in Kanna (Ichino Sekanna from Tokyo Michael.).

After performing at different events, the band released their 0th single, -49 -. The band’s first official releases were the single Halcion Candy and the mini-album Mertotoru Cacatoru, which was released on November 11th. Until the end of the year, DOG inThe PARALLEL WORLD ORCHESTRA performed at various events, and in December they held a free live for those who purchased their first single.

In the beginning of 2010 the band released their second single, Dog Zerostar, and a couple months later, their third one, Wonder x Wonder, was released, too. In the meantime they held a one man live at Harajuku ASTRO HALL. DOG inThe PARALLEL WORLD ORCHESTRA also took part in several events organized by various labels, performed at Nega’s 5th Anniversary Tour and coupling tour of Heisei Ishin and Hana Shounen Baddies, and also appeared at events sponsored by bands, such as Megaromania, HERO and BuG. Autumn brought a two-month release campaign, and with a performance at Over The Edge’10, the band closed the year.

On February 9th, 2011, DOG inThe PARALLEL WORLD ORCHESTRA’s first full album was released. Titled as ONE, it was promoted through one man lives in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Similarly, short tours were also held after the release of the single, Fun! Fun! TOMORROW!!. The following month, Kanna joined the band and they started their next release campaign. Two subsequent singles were followed by the tour, SPLIT TOUR 2011, and by the end of the year, DOG inThe PARALLEL WORLD ORCHESTRA released the mini-album Doggy Style and performed at another edition of the Over The Edge event.

January 14th, 2012 saw the band perform a one man live, titled APPLE WORLD GO AROUND, at Akasaka BLITZ. Finally, after releasing the single Miracle SUPER Cho DX and full album 101, the band went on the solo tour, Kyoukenhyou-2012-Spring. By the end of the year they released the single BIBLATION-χ and mini-album Doggy Style II. They also held a couple of lives, made guest appearances at other bands’ sponsored events and once again performed at Over The Edge’12.

The year 2013 will see the releases of two singles, EVERYONE!! and boomy boomy. DOG inThe PARALLEL WORLD ORCHESTRA will also take part in a tour organized by their label, Resistar Records. The band will perform a lot and keep a good pace with their releases. With their bright attitude they are worth checking out!
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