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More than one year after their last gig in England, An Cafe is back to "Nyappy" London.

An Cafe met their UK fans again in the same place they were at more than one year ago, the O2 Academy Islington. Although only approximately 200 fans gathered at the venue to welcome the band, the excitement there couldn’t be greater with people rushing as close as possible to the front in anticipation of what was to come. The stage was simple. Aside from the instruments, it was simply composed of a large flag behind the drums, which read "LIVE CAFE TOUR 2014 NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD IV ~kawaii Cafekko AISHITERU~."

At 8pm sharp, the lights dimmed and the fans started to scream and clap to welcome Teruki, Yu-ki, kanon, takuya and miku, the last man receiving heartfelt screams from the audience. The frontman didn’t waste any time and called for the fans to begin the furitsuke for Smile ichiban ii ♀, to which the fans promptly responded. Sparkling lights shone upon the hall, twirling while the fans danced and jumped happily. The sight of miku dancing excitedly and takuya coming to the front to deliver a solo made the fans go crazy. miku then brought on the romantic ROMAN ~Let’s make precious love~, filling the venue with a Harajuku atmosphere. The fans followed along by moving their arms up while singing the new song, responding to the vocalist's calls every time, making their connection even stronger.

“London, Nyappy … Nyappy. Come on, come on, NYAPPY!” miku shouted, receiving the cafekko's immediate answer. “I am glad to see you again. Tadaima” miku greeted, and a loud "okaeri" was heard in response. “Let’s enjoy show, okay? Let’s make this special show! Are you ready?” Although his excitement got a little in the way of his English, miku just laughed and moved his hands up while asking the crowd to jump, starting to jump backwards to the right and then to the left. Bright lights shone upon the stage and the fans received Wagamama koushinkyouku warmly, singing along with the band throughout the whole song.

The clear and lovely response from the crowd made the band even more eager to put up a great show. When Ryuusei Rocket started, no one in the venue could stay still, infected by An Cafe and the unstoppable energy and happiness of everyone. The melody didn’t stop for a single moment, Teruki's drumming continuing even though the rest of the band went silent. The five then started playing together again and filled the hall with their joyful song, showing that they adjusted just fine. Things got serious when Yu-ki came hopping to the front of stage, greeting the fans.

“Hello, London! Are you having fun? Are you ready?” Yu-ki said, drawing everyone’s attention. When a drumbeat sounded, he lifted his hand up high, spun his arms three times and turned around, jumping and screaming “Nyappy!” Everyone in the venue started laughing and cheering while he did it a couple times more upon the request of the fans. “Ok, London! Next song … amazing blue.”

The fans went crazy while the stage flashed in blue lights, the fast song making everyone dance and sing. miku asked for Yu-ki to go to the front while he went to the back, rocking a blue star back and forth as the keyboardist started rapping. The crowd sang along so loudly that the frontman left the final part of the song for them, holding out his microphone to unite their voices. The synthesizer marked the start of Tekesuta kousen while miku grabbed a tambourine and the fans just lost it again, dancing to the funny song. Teruki smashed his drums, helping the fans to jump three times as requested by the vocalist. The audience clapped, screamed, jumped and headbanged as the music totally carried them away.

“Hello, London, nice to meet you …” All the fans screamed and smiled for kanon when he said "konichiwa" and "arigato." “Can I have your power? Say 'Nyappy!' ” The fans just kept repeating the word, laughing when kanon said “Nyappypypy.” “Thank you. Okay. Next … guitar. takuya.” The fans went crazy, screaming aloud for the guitarist who looked at them shyly. “London, Nyappy! Nyappy coming to London, are you ready? Okay … Escapism.”

In the middle of the fans' excitement and cheers, the heavy song had everyone headbanging while kanon delivered his bass solo perfectly. The heavy song and dancing then gave way to KIMI NO MACHI, which the fans silently followed, moving their heads, swept away by the melody. The crowd awakened when Bee Myself Bee Yourself ~Jibun rashiku kimi rashiku umareta Story wa hajimattenda began, sending everyone into a flurry of dancing again while yellow-green lights shone upon the stage. Yu-ki moved around clapping his hands and calling the audience for the song, creating an intense moment toward the end of the performance.

The fans went on fire when the famous intro of Natsukoi★Natsu GAME came to life. They imitated the furitsuke that miku and Yu-ki performed on stage, responding every time the vocalist called for them, singing the old favourite out loud, not even noticing miku lost track of the choreography and had to look for help from Yu-ki’s movements. The band members were introduced and showed off a little bit of their skills, receiving loud applause from the audience. miku’s "I love you" was promptly answered.

“Nyappy, London, Nyappy!” Teruki screamed in a sharp voice. “I ate sushi for dinner. Sushi in London is very, very good. Do you like sushi?” The crowd answered affirmatively but went crazy with the next question. “Do you like Teruki? Thank you, I love you. Do you want more? London! Show me your power!” Kakusei Heroism ~THE HERO WITHOUT A NAME~ proved once more that the band and fans had inexhaustible energy. The fans danced crazily with miku who focused on his performance for the crowd. ITAI Onna ~NO PAIN, NO LOVE? JAPAIN GIRLS in LOVE~ and Maple Gunman proved to be no different, the four musicians who were standing coming to the front to fire up the crowd even further while Teruki smashed his drums. kanon pointed to the fans, asking them to immerse themselves in the song. It was impossible for anyone to stay still.

“This is the last song. Are you ready?” The fans screamed for miku, saying yes to the song but no to the band leaving. Cherry saku yuuki!! saw the crowd shout with minimal instructions from the band, giving their all in that last moment. miku let the crowd do the rap portion, and he ended the song almost a capella.

Not long after Teruki left the stage, the fans started the encore shout with “An Cafe” and “We want more,” which brought the band back on stage in the tour T-shirts. The fans wanted BondS ~kizuna~, screamed for it, and An Cafe decided to give it to them right away. Singing and dancing as if their life depended on it, the crowd exchanged their energy with the members, who got even more excited on stage, headbanging and moving around effusively.

“Thank you for coming today. We are happy to see you again. Thank you. My heart leaps for you. This is the last song: MY ♥ LEAPS FOR London!” The Harajuku band wrapped up the night on a high note, miku smiling on the raiser while all the members sang along and moved their heads. The front man wrapped up the song by forming a heart with his hands, whispering “Thank you” and bowing.

“Can we take a picture please?” miku asked shyly and received the warmest answer. With another "Nyappy," everyone bade one another farewell with smiles even though the band was reluctant to leave the stage. Although An Cafe had been in an extensive and exhausting European tour, the bad put up a great show and warmed their fans' hearts by promising to see them again.

Set List

01. Smile ichiban ii ♀
02. ROMAN ~Let’s make precious love~
03. Wagamama koushinkyouku
04. Snow Scene
05. Ryuusei Rocket
06. amazing blue
07. Tekesuta kousen
08. Escapism
10. Bee Myself Bee Yourself ~Jibun rashiku kimi rashiku umareta Story wa hajimattenda
11. Natsukoi★Natsu GAME
12. Kakusei Heroism ~THE HERO WITHOUT A NAME~
14. Maple Gunman
15. Cherry saku yuuki!!

01. BondS ~kizuna~
02. MY ♥ LEAPS FOR "C"

Note: photos were taken in Warsaw, Poland
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