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interview - 03.25.2014 20:01

Just before their first tour through Europe, JaME had the chance to ask angura kei band heidi. a few questions.

It is only one week until the four members of heidi. set off for their first European tour, titled “Fly high!”, which will start with two performances in Russia and finish with one in France. JaME had the opportunity to ask them about the places they want to visit, their foreign fans and, of course, music, music, music.

Are you excited about your European tour? What are your expectations?

YOSHIHIKO: I’m so looking forward to it! I will definitely crush the language barrier!
NAO: I love Europe. I’m happy that we're going there.
KOUSUKE: It is our first time going to these places so I’m trying to imagine the reaction of each country’s audience. I am excited, but also a little anxious. (laughs)
KIRI: I’m looking forwards to communicating with everyone through music, so I don’t think the language barrier will be a problem.

Are there any places you would like to visit?

YOSHIHIKO: I’m looking forward to all of our stops!
NAO: Especially Slovenia, but I believe all the cities and countries we’re going to will be fun!
KOUSUKE: I am looking forward to visiting Warsaw (Poland), because it was recently in my favourite drama. But I’m also looking forward to going to Prague (Czech Republic), since my father always wanted to go there. (laughs) He even asked for a souvenir from the Moldau.
KIRI: I’m looking forward to having a look at all the countries we’re going to because I will be able to enjoy the scenery and the streets, which will be really different to what we have in Japan.

What kind of food would you like to try?

YOSHIHIKO: My beloved Pizza, and the Russian Piroshki.
NAO: Sausages.
KOUSUKE: German Sausages.
KIRI: Beer! I believe there are many brands of beer that are not sold in Japan, so I’d like to try plenty of them.

Who are your favourite European bands or artists?

YOSHIHIKO: I’ll have to study them!
KOUSUKE: MUSE are the best!

Last year, three of your songs (Glide, Ori and Tomoshibi) were released as digital singles. Are you planning any similar releases in the future?

YOSHIHIKO: In May we'll be releasing our new album, Human!
NAO: I think nowadays it’s a big advantage to be able to release our music this way, so we might do it again.
KOUSUKE: I’m ready to release something new anytime!
KIRI: There are different ways of delivering music to everyone nowadays. Our last work was a digital single and it was kind of an experiment. But it made it easier to deliver our music to fans all over the world without being restricted by borders. So I’d like to keep that idea in mind for the future so that people anywhere can enjoy our new music.

Can you reveal any details on the new album planned for this year?

NAO: We’ve just announced our upcoming album Human. Make sure you look forward to it!
YOSHIHIKO: It was created somewhat out of deep and slightly sorrowful feelings…
KOUSUKE: You will be able to feel heidi.’s heart in it.
KIRI: We are right in the middle of recording the new album, but it is made with our deep feelings for heidi..

This year you will celebrate heidi.'s eighth anniversary. How would you summarize your current activities?

YOSHIHIKO: Being able to take on new challenges is the best! I think it’s a great thing being able to be in a band with such awesome members for such a long time. I hope we can continue to keep up the good work in the future!
NAO: Time’s just flown by!!
KOUSUKE: It can’t really be expressed in words, there have been so many things that have given me a sense of fulfillment and completeness.
KIRI: I think those eight years have been really intense and heidi.-like.

YOSHIHIKO and NAO, can you tell us more about your special acoustic unit Gokigenyou? Will European fans get to experience any special performances on your upcoming tour as well?

NAO: Well, it was actually founded to perform heidi.’s songs and many others as acoustic versions. It just happened that we had some talks about performing like that with simply the two of us. And if people in Europe want to see that…then maybe. (laughs)

During your live at Ebisu Liquid Room you performed a long set list of 33 songs. How did you prepare for such a challenge? Was it hard on your voice, YOSHIHIKO?

YOSHIHIKO: I didn’t really prepare for it. I just gave it the best I had!
NAO: I worried about whether or not the preparations were complete, and also if I would be able to remember the older songs properly.
KOUSUKE: I built up my physical strength and my physical condition in general, as well as my stamina.
KIRI: I didn’t do anything special at all…

You appeared in the movie “Maebashi visual kei”, for which your songs were used, right? Was it an exciting experience?

YOSHIHIKO: I really enjoyed it because it was a new experience for me.
NAO: I think we were blessed with such a great opportunity and it was an awesome new experience.
KOUSUKE: It was very exciting!
KIRI: The movie itself was really interesting and I was super happy when it was decided that our song would be used as the theme song.

In the United States, you performed at the anime convention AM². What is the difference between having a show at a convention and performing in a regular club or concert hall?

YOSHIHIKO: In a livehouse we usually go really wild, but in a hall I guess our shows are more beautiful.
NAO: Since they made a special setting and installation just for us, it was really different to the stages we are used to. And we had so much space!
KOUSUKE: Generally speaking it’s fun when it’s vivid.
KIRI: Because this event was part of the anime convention, there were many people who just happened to see us perform. So I decided we had to make things as enjoyable and exciting as possible with our music. Therefore, it was a little different I guess…

Did you expect to have so many fans outside of Japan? Have you ever received any messages from foreign fans?

YOSHIHIKO: I’ve received letters from foreign fans who live in or came to Japan before. It makes me really happy to know there are so many people waiting for heidi.!
NAO: There have been a lot of people from overseas who came to see our concerts in Japan. Thank you for your support!
KOUSUKE: I often see foreigners in Japan. And yes, I've also received some messages!
KIRI: I seriously wasn’t able to predict anything like this...but I’ve received messages before too. They made me really happy.

Finally, please give a message to your European fans!

YOSHIHIKO: Let’s enjoy some great shows together and get wild! I don’t care about the language barrier. I’m waiting for you!!
NAO: This will be our first tour abroad so I’m really looking forward to it. I hope you will enjoy our shows with all your heart!
KOUSUKE: I am looking forward to a great tour!
KIRI: I’m so excited about this European tour and I’m looking forward to meeting you all in April!

JaME would like to thank heidi., translator Stephanie List and Kanzen Music for making this interview possible.
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