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interview - 03.28.2014 20:01

Prior to his first European tour, guitarist SANA (ex-MASK) spoke to JaME about performing solo, his guitars, his views on social networks, and his expectations for the tour.

Guitarist SANA, who some may know for his work with the visual kei bands MASK and Kain, will embark on his first solo European tour on March 28th. Our Russian team was able to interview him just before the tour to learn more about his individual style and what has brought him to this stage in his career.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

SANA: Hi! I am SANA. Please call me "SANA-sama". I’m really honored to give an interview for JaME. So, do you know how to react when I say “Where is my honey?” from the stage?
NO? Ok, nice to meet you, guys!
I hope you guys will know me better after this interview.

What city are you from? What is your favorite place in your city and why?

SANA: I’m from Tokyo. My favorite district is Shinjuku, because there's so many ordinary things with a truly royal image there.

How did you decide to become a musician?

SANA: When I got my first guitar. At that moment, I realized that I can draw my future with my own hands.

Why did you choose visual kei? Is the visual part of music important for you?

SANA: Because music has a new, different identity within the visual world. I felt that this is Rock.

What kind of music has influenced you?

SANA: David Bowie, King Crimson and LUNA SEA.

What is the main idea of your music?

SANA: Emotion. It’s usually born from me, but sometimes someone else gives it to me.

Can you please describe your songwriting process?

SANA: First, I try to understand one's view of the world and find some message there.
Next, I play my guitar to convey this message.

Which song do you consider to be your best one—or maybe one you love the most? Why?

SANA: Hmm…the song called I love me?—my mind and soul are really in it.

You give names to your guitars. How do you choose them?

SANA: My guitar's name is Tinker Bell. I've spent almost 10 years with her.
“If you believe in yourself—you can fly.” I love those words, and that’s the reason I chose that name.

What is your hobby?

SANA: Travel!! And also collecting every country’s coins. Aww and flight miles, hahaha.

What do you expect from your upcoming tour?

SANA: I hope we all can understand each other better. And I hope to grow up to my spirit.

You’ve already been to Europe and the US. What was your strongest impression of those places?

SANA: Hmm. Those countries are so big. And the people are so friendly there.

What did you feel when your dream came true—after your first show abroad?

SANA: I was very, very grateful for everything, and really, really happy. I was almost crying then, haha.

What is the difference between European and Japanese audiences?

SANA: European fans are so nice and emotional.
Japanese fans are shy sometimes, but you can still feel their excitement.

What is the main difference between being a solo artist and performing in a band?

SANA: Hmm... I want to become a solo artist, of course. But both roles are important for me.

How do you feel standing alone onstage?

SANA: I feel like I'm in the zoo or I'm a God. (laughs)

Is it more the audience’s attention that makes you feel that way, or is it that it's hard not having the support of other members?

SANA: Yes, it is very, very hard.

What was the best experience you had working with Kain, MASK, etc.?

SANA: Working with both bands was a great experience for me.
I love and respect both bands. The best experience was of course spending time with them onstage.

You have worked with seiyuu (voice actors) in the past. How did these collaborations come about?

SANA: Seiyuu and visual kei are both really good examples of Japanese culture.
I think that if we were to make a show together, it would be really awesome.
My friends say so too. Well, I would make it with my friends.

Do you like anime?

SANA: Yes I do. I like anime.

Which series is your favorite?

SANA: "Mushi-shi" and "One Piece".

Which anime would you like to create a soundtrack for?

SANA: For my friend KAI’s anime, if it will be one.

You have participated in a Kera fashion show. What is your attitude towards fashion?

SANA: Look at me!!! It's like that, haha. Well, Japanese fashion is really interesting, and it's style is changing day by day, so I always check it out and follow new trends.

What brands do you prefer? (Japanese or European?) Can you imagine your style totally changing one day? (For example, suddenly becoming more casual)

SANA: I also like the Gothic style, because everything is black.

It’s your first time in Russia. What did your colleagues tell you about this country? (if anything)

SANA: “Vodka is amazing”. Should I try it? Of course, after the show, please. Haha.

What would your ideal concert be like?

SANA: When fans really enjoy the show. And when I'm able to feel their emotions.

What opportunities do social networks give you?

SANA: I made a lot of friends and fans thanks to them. We can’t meet easily on the earth, but social networks can make it easy for us meet new people. If I hadn’t joined social networks then I wouldn’t be visiting Russia right now.

You have both a personal Facebook page and an official one. What’s the difference between these two pages?

SANA: It’s really more comfortable for me that way. The personal page is for a lot of private things. The official page is for announcing shows, my tour diary and more of that sort of thing.

Please say some words to our readers.

SANA: Thank you for reading. And so sorry for mistakes in my English.
I’m looking forward to meeting you on this tour in every city!!
See you soon!!

Thank you to SANA for the interview!
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