Interview with ONE OK ROCK at Vans Warped Tour '14

interview - 08.22.2014 20:01

An interview with ONE OK ROCK before their Vans Warped Tour '14 show.

Less than an hour before their set, JaME had the opportunity to catch up with ONE OK ROCK’s Taka and Ryouta while on the Vans Warped Tour ’14, Auburn, WA.

Can you start with an introduction?

Taka: My name is Taka.
Ryota: (in broken English) I’m Ryouta… I’m bassist! (laughs)
Taka: Yeah, I’m the vocalist. (laughs)

Since this is ONE OK ROCK’s first US tour during the Vans Warped Tour, how do you feel about it so far?

Taka: It’s pretty exciting … yeah. We’ve never been to places before so every place is a learning experience for us … It’s kind of crazy stuff so it’s really cool for us.

Most of the attendees here today might not know who you are. Because of that, what kind of reaction are you expecting from the crowd?

Taka: It’s the first time for this kind of tour so I don’t know many things but we’ve made many friends on this tour, so yeah … (laughs)

Vans Warped Tour is celebrating its 20th anniversary but ONE OK ROCK is also in the mood for celebration as your 10th anniversary is coming up.

Taka: Oh, yes! Almost!

Is that pretty exciting?

Taka: (nodding excitedly) Yeah!

When playing rock festivals in Japan and say, Warped Tour ’14, what are some of the differences?

Taka: Well Japanese fans … it’s almost like … diving? Yeah. Like crazy …? But in America, how to say it … it’s like … almost the same but a little different.

In what way?

Taka: Hmmm …

Is everyone more energetic?

Taka: Yeah, yeah!

Like you’d probably see more moshing here?

Taka: (nodding) Yeah, sometimes.

Where do you see ONE OK ROCK in another ten years?

Ryota: For the 20th?
Taka: Yeah, I don’t know.

Is it too scary to think about it?

Taka: I want to keep our style … the band is almost like life for us, so I want to keep it the same.

So what does ONE OK ROCK mean to you?

Taka: … Life.
Ryota: (broken English) Yeah, me too.

Speaking of life, ONE OK ROCK’s album, Jinsei x boku =, the title is like a math equation. What is on the other side of the equation, as in what does life and self “equal” to you?

Taka: Oh, there’s a difficult explanation for it. (laughs) There’s "life" but when you “multiply” with "yourself," the answer relies on the "life" and the many great things in it, which is what is conveyed in that kind answer.

Lastly, what’s your favorite song to play live?

Taka: I think …Deeper Deeper and The Beginning

JaME would like to thank ONE OK ROCK, their manager and the Vans Warped Tour ’14 staff for their time
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