INORAN’s Birthday Bash LIVE

live report - 02.22.2015 19:01

On INORAN’s Birthday, Shibuya Koukaidou turned into the hall of skills and lights.

INORAN couldn’t have chosen a better setting to showcase his breathtaking talent and charm. Both floors of Shibuya Public Hall, 2100 people in all, were full of fans eagerly anticipating the start of the concert. In the last few minutes before kickoff, the audience in the first few rows exchanged furitsuke instructions.

At 17:45, the lights dimmed, and the only source of light became four candles set on the amplifiers and illuminated logo of INORAN at the back of the stage. Blue streams started dancing on the floor interspersed with small white spots, bringing to mind falling autumn leaves dancing on the wind. Suddenly the lights became dazzling, and the music turned fast and aggressive as musicians appeared onstage.

The LIVE opened with the rocking No Name, during which INORAN many times walked to the edge of the stage to meet his adoring fans. The artist was positively bursting with energy, which he shared with everyone gathered in the hall. Illuminated by streams of burning red light, the LUNA SEA guitarist looked like a leader at the head of his well-trained supporters. Then, green lasers emanating from the drum kit’s cymbals were projected in different directions through the hall. The rhythmic Hide and Seek was accompanied by red spots of light falling from the ceiling on four carpets on the stage, making INORAN look like a wanderer lost in the rain. Aside from being a wonderful exhibition of INORAN’s skills and bewitching character, the LIVE was a first-class light show.

White lasers danced in crazy patterns around the venue, turning the live into a huge rock event. The audience kept jumping to the low tunes of INORAN’s guitar, before the mood changed into a calming rock ballad. The lighting changed to mellow blues and greens as INORAN’s warm, slightly hoarse voice brought many fans and press representatives out in goosebumps. As the final notes of the song subsided, INORAN greeted everyone: “Hey, hey, Tokyo! Hey, hey, Tokyo! We’re on my third tour and we’ll have fun today, right!?” The audience replied with a joyful shout. Next, they were treated to the catchy SuperTramp from the album Teardrop, the deadly pace of the song’s drum beat proving irresistibly danceable for many.

In keeping with its title, the next song began with clouds of smoke covering the back of the stage. The rhythm section played the intro, and as the volume grew, the musicians kept on jumping in the darkness. INORAN’s second guitarist showed off his skills, playing his guitar with only one hand while drawing shapes in the air with the other. Meanwhile, INORAN encouraged the fans to jump with him, while his guitarist played the song’s catchy solo. The next song, a heavy metal number, was once again was started by the drummer and bassist, bathed in autumnal colors. On the screen behind the stage, a movie of a voyage into space was projected.

The song ended amid calls of “INORAN!” Someone began singing “happy birthday”, making the birthday boy laugh. “Thanks! But now? Yes, today it’s my birthday live. I turned 44… I hope you’ll enjoy this show. My heart is really moved, when I can see your faces, when I see you all full of emotions, so probably I’ll be missing some words. Today we will have many moments to smile, but also many moments of tears. But for now, please dance as much as you can!”

With these words started no options followed by Candy, during which fans silently followed the movement of the red lights illuminating the stage. Everyone in the hall started clicking their fingers to the chorus - “… gimmie love gimmie love, gimmie all your love…” - yet another amazing show unity by INORAN’s fans. Another magical moment of the evening came during the heartbreaking rock ballad Joshua~Sakura, when covered in falling white feathers and sparks, INORAN started singing, and everyone held up their lighters, looking like a sea of fireflies floating in the air.

After HOME, INORAN left the stage for a moment, letting his backing band show their amazing skills in a frantic instrumental interlude. Piercing guitar solos mixed with raging lightning permitted the fans no rest in INORAN’s absence. Everyone joyfully shouted “oh” together with the guitarist, who led fans through the killer drum solo. Soon, INORAN walked back on stage in glorious, blinding light for an intimate MC. He regaled us with stories about rock’n’roll, LINE’s stamps, chatting with his bandmate Shinya and coming back to Shibuya Kokaido.

He also spoke about his upcoming tours of the Kanto region and Asia, when suddenly a birthday cake appeared on stage. Unfortunately, the candles went out during transit, so a staff member had to relight them before INORAN could make a wish. Before this happened though, the bassist, dressed in Arabian costume, asked everyone to sing as lights went down and INORAN blew out the candles. As the musicians tried the cake, the bassist suddenly darted off stage, causing a great deal of confusion until he came back with big boombox and looking like a rapper. He wanted to play the boom-box, but it didn’t work, so he started singing. When everyone started clapping, he simply said “wow” and disappeared backstage again. A crew member brought INORAN his guitar, and then hundreds of guests joined in another rendition of “Happy birthday”.

"This year I’ve played lives in many cities, but I think that a live like this one can’t be repeated thanks to you, to this place and to this night. I can’t play in different places without your energy, so please, give me a little bit more of your power, Tokyo! Jumpin’, jumpin’ Tokyo!” However, the music didn’t start - INORAN had the wrong guitar. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You were so quiet, what happened to you? Show me your happiness!” Then, he re-introduced his musicians. “I hope this song will do.” After these words, INORAN played African Hardcore Samba, transporting everyone to a carnival for five minutes. The whole venue danced, jumping and shouting together with the musicians, showing their amazing energy and joy.

Another MC followed, in which INORAN thanked everyone who’d come to Shibuya Kokaido that evening to celebrate with him. Just when people thought it would be the final MC, INORAN announced that he didn’t want to part with them so soon, and so began the five-song encore. Each number was powerful and crazy, but the concert-ending Get Laid was the most unforgettable. Everyone danced and clapped their hands, singing along with the anthemic chorus.

INORAN concluded his birthday bash standing in front of the drum kit. After introducing his backing band one last time, the birthday boy and friends took a memorial photo with the audience. Then, with one last deafening roar of joy from the crowd, the live reached its end.

Set List

01. No Name
02. Hide and Seek
03. A Day Goes On By
04. SuperTramp
05. smoke
06. Selfless
07. no options
08. Candy
09. Joshua~Sakura
10. HOME
11. Drum & Bass
13. African Hardcore Samba
14. One Big Blue
15. Rightaway
17. grace and glory
18. Get Laid
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