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interview - 03.24.2015 20:01

VAMPS wants you to sing along with them in their upcoming tour.

Rock duo VAMPS will be returning to New York City on May 1st for VAMPS LIVE 2015 NY. The duo have previously visited the city in 2009, 2010 and 2013, whilst in 2012, HYDE's band L’Arc~en~Ciel became the first Japanese band to play headlining show at Madison Square Garden. In the run-up to the show, VAMPS will spend April supporting Sixx:A.M. throughout that band's US tour. JaME exchanged a few words with the vampires to find out what's on their mind.

You'll tour in support of Sixx:A.M. next month. How did this opportunity come about?

HYDE: I am a true fan of their band, so I think they know how much we love them.

What are your thoughts on your upcoming NYC show on May 1st?

HYDE: This is our only headline show in the US this tour, so I’m looking forward to showing all the different faces of VAMPS.

K.A.Z: It’s been a while since we’ve been there. We got a great reaction last time. We’re releasing the new album internationally, too, so I’m hoping we’ll have a great live show.

What kind of songs can we find on BLOODSUCKERS? Which one is most fun to perform live?

K.A.Z: Every song is unique, so I think everyone can find something to connect to. They’re all different expressions of VAMPS, so I enjoy performing all the songs. Especially ZERO - I’ve never felt anything like this song before.

HYDE: I’d love to see everybody sing along with the songs from BLOODSUCKERS. Do you think American people can sing along with us?

The CD jacket art for BLOODSUCKERS is really cool. Who designed it? What do you like about it?

HYDE: Rockin’ Jelly Bean—I love him! The jacket image perfectly fits the dark, mysterious feeling of VAMPS.

K.A.Z: Rockin' Jelly Bean’s female drawings are very attractive. I’ve got this image on display in my room right now.

You referred to GET AWAY as a song in the same style as the movie "BLADE RUNNER." Have movies inspired any other VAMPS songs?

HYDE: For me, that’s the only one so far.

K.A.Z: It’s not something directly inspired by a movie, but I had an image of something evil approaching you, and the deep fear that fills you inside—that’s what I put into this song.

There are many popular vampires known in pop culture. For example, we have Dracula, Lestat and Edward Cullen. Which one is your favorite?

HYDE: Lestat.

VAMPARK FEST was very successful in bringing Japanese and foreign artists together. What are your thoughts on holding more of this kind of event?

HYDE: Japan is the world's second biggest music market. I would like to make a path through to the world and invite more international artists.

K.A.Z: I think we should communicate and exchange music through this festival.
It’s a chance for both of us to connect with great bands from other countries.

What's VAMPS' next goal regarding tours? Is there any place or festival you'd like to play that isn't already in your schedule?

HYDE: For the next tour, our goal will be to reach an even higher level than this one.

K.A.Z: I would like people from many countries to know VAMPS. We want to perform at more festivals as well.

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HYDE: Finally, we’ve released our album BLOODSUCKERS in the US. I can’t wait to perform for you.

K.A.Z: I’d like fans to share our music with those people who haven’t been touched yet by VAMPS. We’re looking forward to visiting many countries in the world, and challenging ourselves. Please support us.

JaME would like to thank VAMPS and RESONANCE Media for making this interview possible.

VAMPS performs live in New York City on May 1st at Best Buy Theater. Tickets are on sale now at

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