CREATURE CREATURE “Death Is A Flower The Second Volume Final” at Tokyo Kinema Club

live report - 04.13.2017 20:01

MORRIE celebrated his birthday with his band and fans on March 4th, 2017.

CREATURE CREATURE concluded their second tour, which bore the title of their fourth album Death Is A Flower, at Tokyo Kinema Club on March 4th, actually the same date as MORRIE’s birthday. In his own terms, it is the day his body was born. MORRIE returned to the stage of Tokyo Kinema Club where he had his birthday shows as a solo artist in the past.

A tall and beautiful blonde woman with a violin caught the crowd’s attention as the band members entered the stage. Heather Paauwe, who is the vocalist’s partner, stood by as MORRIE’s black silhouette moved to the centre of stage under dim light. The opening song was Death Is A Flower. MORRIE, sometimes with dramatic use of his falsetto, sang the enigmatic lyrics of the song. The graceful melody of violin flew around with his voice, but their tones intensified towards the end when MORRIE finished the song by shouting its title.

The band continued to play the songs from new album after Heather left the stage. The beauty of brutally aggressive heavy guitar riffs and drum beats of Eden Made were met with fist pumping and head-banging from the fans. Guitarist Hiro and Shinobu moved to the front of the stage and fed fans with more enthusiasm. Later, the melodious bass line of Hitoki dazzled fans along with the deep, glamorous voice of MORRIE in the following Koku ni Highway. The harmony of high tone and heavy guitar sounds from two guitarists also mesmerized fans. MORRIE’s voice frequently modulated within his wide vocal range during Ghost Bound. However, drummer Hiroshi Sasabuchi naturally sustained the vocalist and the rest of members.

MORRIE described his state of being during a show, that his true self is watching his body, which he described as “a tool”, from a different realm. The transcendent presence his iconic body produced when it swayed on the stage mezzanine during the performance of Extasis well expressed his remarks. His philosophy is difficult to grasp both for fans, and even to his band members. However, according to MORRIE, there are two miracles; that the universe exists, and one’s being exists in spite of the fact that no one remembers exactly when and how one’s self-awareness actually emerged.

The performance of Yume Kagami, another song from the new album, with Heather expressed his philosophy on universe and being. MORRIE started to gently sing with clear strumming sounds of Shinobu’s electric acoustic guitar. Fans stood still when the song came to MORRIE’s monologue speaking of death is an unknown flower of love. Heather moved closer to MORRIE while she played her violin. The muse of MORRIE, who participated in the recording of the new album, also played Vanishing and Tenshuu Ranman together during the mid-part of the show. The unison of mesmerizing melodies of her violin and Hiro’s guitar during Tenshuu Ranman took the fans’ breath away.

The band’s performance turned aggressive after the violinist left the stage. MORRIE’s powerful deep voice struck the fans during Ai to Shi no Yuugijou and he took his jacket off and threw it to a roadie to get himself ready for the climax. The crowd cheered when they heard the twin guitar riffs of Rakuen e. MORRIE, who was now in his black see-through shirt, moved to the front of the stage and actually touched fans while he sung the melodious hard rock song. Fans rushed to the front row and reached their hands to touch his amazingly built body. The band also played Decadent Angel, a rock ’n’ roll song from the new album with a danceable groove. Old and new songs made a great chemistry. The band finished the show with Swan.

During the encore, the band played an instrumental session and entertained fans with their musical skills. However, they suddenly stopped playing just as MORRIE, who had joined the stage later, was about to start singing. Hiro started to play the melody of a birthday song and the fans sang along with his guitar. “I knew you guys would do it!” MORRIE laughed. Later, MORRIE had each member speak to the fans. The band played four songs during the encore and afterwards the members gathered at centre stage and took the last bow. “See you again in June,” MORRIE called out to the fans.

CREATURE CREATURE will have one more tour, titled CREATURE CREATURE 2017 [Death Is A Flower 2017: Conclusion], in June. You can find about the tour schedule on CREATURE CREATURE's official website.

Set List
1. Death Is A Flower
2. Eden Made (To Eden)
3. Koku ni Highway (Highway in the Air)
4. Ghost Bound
5. Phallus Phaser
6. Extasis
7. Shadow Elegy
8. Black Hole
9. Vanishing
10. Yume Kagami (Dream Mirror)
11. Tenshuu Ranman (Heavenly Ugly Blooming)
12. Labyrinth
13. So Heavenly
14. Ai to Shi no Yuugijou (Playground of Love and Death)
15. Rakuen e (To Elysium)
16. Decadent Angel
17. Amor Fati
18. Sexus
19. Dead Rider
20. Swan

21. Zone
22. Psyche
23. Eden Made (To Eden)
24. Aurora

The album trailer and a YouTube version of the music video for Ai to Shi no Yuugijyou can be viewed below.

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