MAN WITH A MISSION at The Underworld, London

live report - 07.22.2017 20:01

If you weren’t a fan before you entered the venue you’d definitely be one by the time you’d left.

As soon as you entered the Underworld venue that night you could feel the energy from the crowd, cheering for and waiting to see the Japanese band again. As the support band departed, people started to wander closer to the stage in the wait for MAN WITH A MISSION.

It was around 9:00pm, after a short time waiting for the main act, when the venue lights dimmed again and the music started playing. The crowd jumped and cheered as MAN WITH A MISSION entered the stage, ready to rock the place down. As easy as that, with Get Off of My Way and Hey Now, the Japanese band got their fans ready to jump and dance all night. “So good to be in London. Thank you!” the band said at one point in great English.

After a few brief words from the band commenting on the rare hot weather in London and how it affected them, MAN WITH A MISSION got back to the music with Give it Away, Take What U Want and database. These songs soon had the whole room singing along and following the infectious rhythm that MAN WITH A MISSION infused in every song. The atmosphere felt incredible with everybody enjoying themselves and forgetting about everything just to enjoy the night rocking with the wolves from Japan, who gladly interacted with their fans at every opportunity.

In another MC, the band once again thanked their fans for being there that day and urged them to “be crazy tonight, do what you want to do and show what you want to show”. The band then played their new song, Dead End in Tokyo, in an amazing performance that delighted fans who sang along with the band. After this, distance followed and the whole place vibrated with energy.

Then Kamikaze Boy and Spear Rib got on with their jam session, just before MAN WITH A MISSION showed the crowd a short movie clip about their history, not without a few technical problems, but nothing too serious.

They resumed the set with evils fall, followed by a cover of the legendary Nirvana song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was an enjoyable version, even though very different from the original. Raise your flag was the next number in a set full of energy.

Another brief MC followed before the band started to play one of the crowd’s favourites, Seven Deadly Sins, followed by Emotions. Both songs managed to get the whole venue singing the lyrics along with them in between dancing and headbanging.

As soon as MAN WITH A MISSION left the stage, after saying their goodbyes and promising to come back to London, the crowd started to call for an encore, with some clapping and howling too. Luckily, the band didn’t make their fans wait too long and they were soon back on stage to play to more songs and give a last pulse of energy to all the people gathered there that night.

Dog Days and FLY AGAIN were chosen to close a great set list for the concert, a slightly longer one than their last one in London. There’s no doubt that MAN WITH A MISSION is one of those bands that you need to see live at least once, to experience the sheer energy embroidered into all their songs and the showmanship of their performance.

If you weren’t a fan before you entered the venue you’d definitely be one by the time you’d left.

Set list

01. Get Off of My Way
02. Hey Now
03. Give it Away
04. Take What U Want
05. database
06. Dead End in Tokyo
07. distance
~Dr&DJ session ~ movie
08. evils fall
09. Smells Like Teen Spirit
10. Raise your flag
11. Seven Deadly Sins
12. Emotions


01. Dog Days
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London - United Kingdom
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