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interview - 09.03.2017 20:01

May'n could use a spice like you!

Ahead of her performance at J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco later this month, rock vocalist May'n gives JaME an insight to her upcoming album PEACE of SMILE, her latest collaborative works and her desire to move forward honestly and candidly.

What are your thoughts on your upcoming J-POP SUMMIT performance?

May'n: It’s been about three years since I last came to San Francisco, so I think it’d be nice if I can present an even more energetic stage than last time with the new songs I have released since then.

What are some of the more prominent themes or messages of your upcoming album PEACE of SMILE?

May'n: In Japan, when you think of the peace sign, it’s the V sign. It’s my 28th birthday album, so I’m at an adult age, but even then I want to be able to flash a peace sign while smiling, so I came up with this title. All the songs would be great for performing live with a smile.

You penned the lyrics of Birthday! ~PEACE of SMILE, a new song on PEACE of SMILE. Please tell us about your experience writing the lyrics. What was the inspiration behind them?

May'n: I didn’t have any songs that suited a specific season or event, so I wanted to write a song, which anyone could use to celebrate their best birthday. My birthday is the day when I want to be surrounded by the things I love, so it’s a song that’s jam packed like a present box. I would be thrilled if people played this song at their birthday parties and it became a song filled with feelings of happiness.

Out of all the songs on PEACE of SMILE, which one was the most interesting or challenging to work on? Why?

May'n: Kimi to kyou, watashi no koe is a song I both composed and wrote the lyrics for, but I’ve already revealed it in concert before. Because it’s a song I wrote before my throat surgery, I had some anxiety regarding it, but through my fans’ warm feelings, it also represents looking forward. I wanted to insert those feelings into the work, so with piano and strings, we recorded it all together at once to give it a live concert feel. Paired with the sense of tension, I think there’s a certain subtlety to the work.

SALTY DOG and Miyakawa Dan have been revealed as the music producers for two of the maxi-singles that will be bundled with the limited editions of PEACE of SMILE. What are some of the highlights of your collaboration with these music producers?

May'n: They wrote for me singles with distinct concepts/styles that represent the thoughts I wanted to sing about. Recently, many of my closest friends got married. After receiving many requests from fans, Miyagawa Dan's single from CD B is a wedding song that I can give to my precious friends.

At concerts, I am always saying, "There are still many scenes I'd like to witness with my beloved supporters and friends." The theme of CD C's SALTY DOG single is the feeling I hope to convey to my fans.

Regarding musicianship, the two concepts are very different, so the jackets reflect that. I want everyone to experience the different May'ns.

Together with Wake Up, Girls !, you've formed a collaboration unit called Wake Up, May'n !. How did the idea to form this collaboration unit come about? What do you hope to achieve with Wake Up, May'n !?

May'n: Because I like them! (laughs) After hosting an event with them and seeing them on stage, I fell in love at first sight. After telling them "I love you!" it was decided that we would collaborate together. It was the opening theme song to "Restaurant to Another World," where we sang about the excitement of a first encounter together, but I'd personally like to try singing even more songs with them.

Wake Up, May'n ! released its debut single One In A Billion on August 9th. What is this song about?

May'n: It's a waste to be a picky eater! It's a cute song with the theme of "Life is delicious!” where a scene that I've grown too used to could use a spice like you. As I was singing, I felt that no matter how old I am, I want to rid myself of fixed notions, and continue to have my heart flutter when I encounter many things.

What were the fun parts of recording One In A Billion and filming its MV with such a large group of people? Were there any challenges?

May'n: I don't usually have songs with intense choreography, so the dance scene was particularly difficult. During breaks, I'd have Wake Up, Girls ! teach me the choreography. But because we were a group, I had comrades in the same position working hard, which was very reassuring. Also, when the other members were filming, it was fun to watch the monitor and shout "cute!" Wake Up, Girls ! are really adorable! I love them! (laughs)

How do you wish to keep improving yourself as a female rock vocalist?

May'n: I want to push forward honestly and candidly. I don't really like lies and pretenses. As May'n, I would never lie to my beloved comrades. And as my honest self, I'd like to continue delivering songs and singing on stage.

Lastly, please leave a message for JaME readers.

May'n: I’ve been given the chance to host one-man lives twice in San Francisco, and it’s a place I love. I’ll work hard so that I can return again on a world tour.

JaME would like to thank May'n and MediaLab Public Relations for this interview opportunity.

The music video for One In A Billion can be watched below:

J-POP SUMMIT 2017 will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 9th and 10th at the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture located in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Attendees will experience the festival’s theme of "ARTS, EATS and INNOVATIONS"; a vibrant celebration of Japanese pop culture featuring live music, Japanese food and travel attractions, and interactive technologies. The festival is accented by ramen vendors, sake-tasting, and additional events highlighted by celebrity Guests-of-Honor.

Festival details are available at

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San Francisco, CA - United States of America
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San Francisco, CA - United States of America
Fort Mason Center
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