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interview - 09.23.2017 20:01

Visual kei, yet not visual kei.

nüe started activities in 2014 and has since released three mini-albums, a maxi-single and a live DVD. Now in the third year of their career, their number of fans is still on the rise. Here's nüe's first interview* for foreign media!

*Bassist Tsuyoshi couldn't take part in the interview.

How did all of you come together to form nüe?

Ine: A bunch of old guys gathered, guided by fate.

What is your concept and worldview?

Taketoshi: Wonderful music made by the four of us, who have experience with various genres. As the theme of our lyrics, I’d like to express the darkness of the human heart.

Can you tell us about the design of your band's logo and what it symbolises?

Ine: It’s the result of longing for a Hunter License like in "Hunter x Hunter". We stuck the word nüe together with that.

How is nüe different from other bands? What is your unique selling point?

Ine: We’re visual kei but we have parts that aren’t; we aren’t visual kei but we have parts that are.

Your latest mini-album is titled sleep. Please tell us about the creation process for the title track and why you chose to create a song about sleep.

Taketoshi: No matter how tired your mind and body are, we wanted to make a nice song that cuddles your heart as if saying “You worked hard today, good night”.

Ine, you said that you used tapping for the first time in your life in sleep. Are there any other techniques you’d like to try in future songs? What about the other members? Are there new techniques you’d like to try as well?

Ine: There’s a hard technique called sweep picking that I’d like to try during recording at least once before I die.
Kazuya: I want to try out the half time shuffle like Jeff Porcaro from Toto.
Taketoshi: I want to sing songs that move people’s hearts.

What are some of the other more prominent themes on the mini-album? Why did you choose to work on those themes?

Ine: “A Depressed Demon”. We wanted to make songs patterned in a way we haven’t tried before, and in the end they turned out very “nüe” so I’m satisfied.

You released a live venue-limited remix CD of sleep titled re:SLEEP on April 6th for your live at Yoyogi labo. What can you tell us about this remix?

Kazuya: We had Teraoka Onion from Silver Onion, which I participated in, handle the mixing. I’m always surprised by his extraordinary ability. He made it great.

For your April 6th live, you also released a vinyl wristband that reads "Life would be boring if nüe were not around anymore." If you had to make another wristband with a message, what message would you print on it?

Taketoshi: “nüe doesn’t like sushi but sushi likes nüe” (This is a joke.)

Speaking of messages, how do you usually decide on what message to include in your songs?

Taketoshi: I usually make a memo of what I’m thinking about on my phone. From there I pick something with a theme. Then we make the songs with the members in the studio, but I’m always conscious of which words come naturally from my body.

2017 marks your third anniversary as a band. What are your thoughts on nüe being three years old?

Ine: It’s gone by in the blink of an eye. I remember first going into the studio like it was yesterday.
Taketoshi: Yes, it’s been like the blink of an eye. I still remember how it felt to make a song with the members for the first time.

What are the best and worst memories you've had as a band so far?

Ine: When my compositions get used and when my compositions get thrown out. (laughs) Ah, this might be just me.
Taketoshi: It’s fun when we’re all eating good food. It’s sad when we all go out to eat and the ramen shop is closed.

Do you have any special activities planned for your third anniversary?

Ine: We’re trying to think of something. (laughs)
Taketoshi: We’re thinking about it. I think it’ll be a special day.

Are you working on any new material right now? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Ine: We always have a lot of material, and even if we don’t our members are so good we can come up with something in a few minutes, so look forward to it.
Taketoshi: In the memory card of my mind I hold the data for approximately 2000 songs (This is a lie). Songs the members make in the studio are on an iPad. I listen to them sometimes. Honestly, they’re cool. The sound our members can create is the best in the world (This is true).

JaME would like to thank nüe for this interview.

Watch the teaser video for sleep below:

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