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UNDEAD CORPORATION tackles violence and real situations in their upcoming album.

Extreme metal band UNDEAD CORPORATION will release their third full-length album NO ANTIDOTE on October 4th. In an interview with JaME, bandleader Shacho offered some insight into the album and more.

Earlier this year, YU-TO replaced Morishita Fumiya as your drummer. How did you become acquainted with him and why did you choose him as a new member?

Shacho: After it was decided that Fumiya would leave the band, the engineer we always count on introduced YU-TO to us. His drumming blew us away! He has speed, power and groove. We decided at once to take him, so we asked him to join us.

How do you think your music has evolved with the change of drummers?

Shacho: The speedy parts got speedier; the groovy parts got groovier. We can make songs that each have different tastes and patterns within itself.

What is the overarching concept of your upcoming album NO ANTIDOTE?

Shacho: The sound concept is violence and real situations. When I made the songs for this album, I talked a lot about music we listened to in our school days with our singers Akemi and Dougen. I also took inspiration from our chats, so I can say this album is inspired by our roots.

A few months ago, you mentioned on Facebook that NO ANTIDOTE will have a darker, wilder atmosphere than Flash Back. It's quite intriguing. Can you give any hints on what we'll hear?

Shacho: Compared to previous albums, NO ANTIDOTE is obviously darker and wilder. The opening track Make Me Crazy is influenced by New York hardcore. This song has female pop vocal melodies. The title track No Antidote is dark and speedy, and the third song Get Em Up is danceable and has rap parts. This album is like a collection of many different styles because of its various tastes. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Which is your favorite song from NO ANTIDOTE and why?

Shacho: Get Em Up. It's simply cool I think.
Akemi: Get Lost. I like its groove and it's so fun to sing.
Dougen: Get Em Up. I like it because it's groovy and heavy. For me, it's a party song with positive vibes.
Jinya: No Filter. I like its sing-along parts and chorus parts that are full of energy!
YU-TO: My favorite song changes every day. Recently I'm liking The Sinner because of its beat.

What are some of the challenges you faced in creating NO ANTIDOTE?

Shacho: To make the best album ever.
Akemi: My challenge was in expressing my dark and wild side.
Dougen: I used hardcore-style vocals instead of my usual ‘death’ voice. I felt the songs needed that. Trying different tones and expressions was a challenge. I hope you guys enjoy it the same as I do! (laughs)
Jinya: Trying to keep the level of quality while playing wilder than previous works.
YU-TO: For me, because this time was my first time recording with UNDEAD CORPORATION, everything was a challenge. (laughs)

What can you tell us about the new music video you recently filmed?

Shacho: We shot the music video for No Antidote. It has a horrific and beautiful atmosphere. I think it will be another good one.

Shacho, your new hairstyle is pretty interesting. Can you tell us more about it?

Shacho: My new hairstyle is inspired by Ramenman from "Kinnikuman" which is a very famous manga in Japan. It’s cool, isn't it?

Do you plan to make any new "Touhou" or "Kantai"-related releases after NO ANTIDOTE?

Shacho: At first UNDEAD CORPORATION started as a project of just me for making videogame arrange music. Then it became a band of five to record original songs. We don't make any "Touhou" or "Kancolle" arrange music, but I might make them again as my side project.

Aside from releasing NO ANTIDOTE, what are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you aim to return to Europe in the near future?

Shacho: We will perform live in Japan. For now, we have no plans to return to Europe, but we always want to rock! Please bring us to your country!

Do you have any messages for JaME’s readers?

Shacho: No Antidote is a crazy and great album! This album will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, et cetera, probably on October 4th, so don't miss it. You're going to love it!
Jinya: We made this with pride! I hope you'll listen to it a lot!
Dougen: Thank you for your support always! I want to see you in your country someday!
YU-TO: I want to play outside of Japan and see you guys! Please listen to our new album while you wait for the day.
Akemi: Thank you always — with all your support, we can move forward like this time! I hope you'll enjoy our music. See you soon!

JaME would like to thank UNDEAD CORPORATION for this interview opportunity.

The music video for No Antidote and official trailer for NO ANTIDOTE can be watched below:

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