New Year Video Message from IRON ATTACK!

interview - 01.03.2018 19:01

Minus-iyon wants to be ten times cuter this year!

Formed in 2007, IRON ATTACK! was originally conceived as an outlet for the creative energies of IRON-CHINO, the founder and guitarist of heavy metal band LIGHTNING. For its first six years, the project focused on "Touhou arrange" albums: power metal re-workings of background music from the video game series, Touhou Project.

In recent years, IRON ATTACK! have evolved from a side-project into a full-fledged band. They released their first original single LINK in 2013, and their debut full-length album Tetsugeki sangokushi ~SANGOKU ATTACK~ in 2016. They continue to record arrange albums based on Touhou and other games.

IRON ATTACK! have made no secret of their global ambitions, and have been paid visits to Europe and East Asia every year since 2013. Here, they reflect on their experiences at home and abroad in 2017, and hint at what's in store for this year.

*Subtitles are available. Please enable them if required.

Check out the preview of IRON ATTACK!'s latest Touhou music album Mato gensou monogatari below:

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