New Year Video Message from I love you Orchestra

interview - 01.05.2018 19:01

If your country is accessible by plane and has diplomatic relations with Japan, I love you Orchestra might just hold a concert there one day.

Formed by bassist Yu Shiromizu in 2014 as an outlet for ideas unsuitable for his other group, jazz-punk quartet KAGERO, I love you Orchestra is a six-piece instrumental band that plays a mix of punk and progressive rock. However, what truly sets the group apart is their lighthearted attitude and their desire to experiment. Eager to try anything that seems fun, the band has held many unique concerts, including a series called asacore, where they perform aggressive rock shows early in the morning.

While every year since their formation has been busy, 2017 was the most ambitious yet in terms of releases. They released not just the classical cover album CLASSIC FANCLUB, a collaboration mini-album with alternative idol group Zekkyou suru 60do titled Hug, and their fourth original studio album Trigger, but also a venue-limited EP for every single month of the year.

To ring in the New Year, Shiromizu and the band’s guitarist/keyboard player Kenro recorded a comment video for JaME looking back on 2017 and expressing their hopes for 2018.

*Subtitles are available. Please enable them if required.

You can listen to I love you Orchestra’s albums on Spotify and Apple Music, and they also have a number of releases available exclusively through Bandcamp.

The video for Squall from Trigger and a trailer for Hug can be viewed below:

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