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NOISEMAKER play the tour final to a capacity crowd and will host the rock fest in Hokkaido on May 20th.

NOISEMAKER concluded the nationwide tour RED APHELION with a capacity crowd at Tokyo’s LIQUIDROOM on January 27th. During the show, the rock band from Hokkaido announced that they will host KITAKAZE ROCK FES. 2018 on May 20th at Sapporo BESSIE HALL and KRAPS HALL. The band will also release a DVD of the final live in the future.

A loud ovation welcomed the ambitious young band as they entered the stage. Drummer UTA, bassist YU-KI, guitarist HIDE, and finally vocalist AG kicked off the show with Change My Life, the opening song of the new mini album RED APHELION. “Here we go!” AG stirred up the fans in the midst of heavy guitar riffs and pounding drum beat. The hybrid rock song switched freely back and forth between aggressive and catchy melodious parts. The crowd responded enthusiastically by singing along. Some excited fans were already crowd surfing from the very first song.

The band played consecutive songs from the new mini album. The band and fans let loose to the loud and heavy sounds of One Dream One Roof. HIDE's edgy guitar sounds and UTA’s powerful drum kicks literally shook the venue. Empowered by the backing chorus of HIDE and YU-KI, AG’s passionate vocals embodied the power of letting go. The band continued to enthral the crowd with their melody driven hybrid rock on the following Something New. AG flawlessly showed different vocal styles during the song, a catchy high tone, aggressive shouting and even rapping in Japanese. AG led the crowd, waving their hands side to side, while his older brother HIDE played vivid guitar sounds.

“Thanks for coming today. We are actually filming this show for a live release. We would like to show that we have people in all kinds of walks of life. We are very open and everyone is welcome. Let’s show our sing along is the best in the universe!” AG urged on the crowd for Flag. The fans sang along at top of their lungs to prove the vocalist’s statement. AG lived up to the band’s attitude of inclusiveness by holding fans’ hands and inviting them to crowd surf towards him.

Later, each member shared their thoughts on the tour. “It was a short tour, but each show was meaningful,” said HIDE. “It’s hard to describe this tour in words. A lot of people helped us throughout the tour, and it made me feel a strong bond with them like never before,” said YU-KI. “The tour seemed long but it was actually short. Thank you for helping us to have a great final like this,” said UTA. Finally, AG took over. “It looks very different from a year and two months ago. I said this on every show during the tour, but let me say this again. Let’s make today the best day ever!” AG stirred up the fans. The crowd rocked out to Her Diamond, fist pumping and moshing.

After delighting fans with the announcement of KITAKAZE ROCK FES. 2018, AG spoke about his homeland, Hokkaido. “It’s been three years since we moved to Tokyo. It still makes me wish to stay in Hokkaido when I go back there. I don’t mean I want to go back in the past, but I will move forward with my precious memory. Please sing in a bigger voice than mine”, AG said. The band showed human touch by playing Home. AG’s tender voice was met with the fans’ sing along.

“We need your support to determine the band’s future. There are places we want to go, so please continue to bet on us. I know you guys made sacrifices to come to this show. I know there is something beyond a broken dream. This day, we will fly! Come together! SADVENTURES!” AG shared his heart with fans. Everybody jumped to the song’s mixture of hard rock and hip hop styles and AG entertained the fans with his rhythmic rap. The last two songs from the album, Nothing to Lose and Fork in the Road, showed their full potential as live anthems at the end of the show.

The fans’ ovation brought the band back for an encore. “We got to play Platinum shoes. “Show what you got!” AG shouted. But suddenly, the play back of “Happy Birthday” began instead. “The day after tomorrow is HIDE’s birthday!” AG surprised his older brother. After HIDE blew the candles out, HIDE asked his brother a favour. “3, 2, 1, go!” the fans gave AG a countdown, and cheered when he smashed the birthday cake on HIDE’s face. “I would like to practice piano this year,” HIDE made a new year’s resolution with cream all over his face. The band and the crowd had a final blast together with the last song, Platinum shoes. Finally, the band took a group photo with their fans, proudly showing the flag of the album’s cover, which was filled with fans’ hand written messages to the band.

Set List

01. Change My Life
02. One Dream One Roof
03. Something New
04. Flag
05. Mouse Trap
06. Butterfly
07. Her Diamond
08. Oblivion
11. Home
13. Somebody wants days you close
16. Nothing to Lose
17. Fork in the Road

01. Platinum shoes
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