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interview - 04.12.2018 20:01

An oni joins the visual kei fray.

Following the disbandment of MeteoroiD last year, vocalist Genki launched his solo project, a band named ONiBAND. JaME interviews Genki about his new endeavour.

Thank you for accepting our interview request! Please introduce your band's worldview to our readers.

Genki: ONiBAND is a band, but the members, apart from myself, change depending on the live performances and recordings. Visually, the demon serves as the face of the band, emphasizing the Japanese feeling.

Of all the kinds of spirits in Japanese folklore, why did you choose the oni?

Genki: My name Genki, in kanji, is written with the characters 幻 (gen) and 鬼 (ki). The first intended meaning is that ONiBAND is my band, because my name has 鬼 (oni) in it. The second reason is to emphasize our Japanese identity in our activities.

Where does your inspiration for songs come from?

Genki: It comes from thinking of all the fans who give me their support, listening to music I love, and driving around, all of which make me really relaxed in the process of making songs.

Who are your top musical influences?

Genki: It’s X JAPAN.

Please tell us about the biggest music-related difference between ONiBAND and your old band MeteoroiD.

Genki: Firstly, I am ONiBAND’s sole member; it is my solo project. What I want to do takes priority, and the other members, whose sound aligns with that, help with the recordings and live performances, forming ONiBAND.

Many well-known visual kei bands have disbanded in the past few years. What are your thoughts on being part of the new generation of visual kei bands?

Genki: Indeed, a lot of bands have disbanded, haven’t they? Due to generational shifts and the times changing, I suppose? This is just my own impression, but I feel that we are very flexible as a new band in playing music, and I think that is something wonderful. With regard to that flexibility, older bands were somewhat rigid, but to those bands, they had no choice and this was a large part of their worldview. Because I am bad at thinking flexibly, and I aim to create a band only I can make, my activities have nothing to do with the current music scene or time period. Through the songs I love, I wish to fulfil the dreams and wishes of people.

What message do you wish to convey to listeners through your first single, ONiBAND no Theme♬?

Genki: My message is: I’m not dead yet, and that "there’s still a more beautiful place than here; I’ll bring my listeners there with my music!"

Are you already working on new songs? If so, what kind of themes and sounds will you put into them?

Genki: I’ve got a lot. A range of very poppy music, like Green Day’s, to heavy metal, I think. But in all of these songs “peace” and “Japan” are elements that can be felt.

What were the highlights of your first one-man live that was held on February 3rd?

Genki: Because we performed my previous band’s songs, the fans seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot. Furthermore, since it was my first one-man live in a long while, I was desperate to re-experience the feeling of live performances. However, I had a splendid time relating this live to my performances from now on.

Which countries would you like to perform in if you had the opportunity to do a world tour? Why those countries?

Genki: First is America! I made a promise to return without fail the last time I went there! The food is delicious, and above all, America has many kind and lovely people, that’s why! In addition to America, I’m also interested in Europe.

It's time for a couple of hell-themed questions since your fan club is called "Jigokukyo"! If you could visit hell for a day, what would you do there? If you were granted an audience with King Enma, what would you tell him?

Genki: That’s an interesting question! I definitely don’t want to go to hell! But if there is a heaven with beautiful women, I wouldn't mind going there right now! (laughs) If I do meet King Enma, I'd say "I’ll take over on the weekends for you!" King Enma is busy too after all, isn't he?

Thank you for your answers! To wrap up our interview, please leave a message for JaME readers.

Genki: Thank you everyone for your support! Everyone’s reactions through SNS make me really happy. I’ll work hard in Japan so I can meet all of you one day, definitely!

JaME would like to thank ONiBAND and Chaotic Harmony for this interview opportunity.

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