MUCC 2018 - fukkatsu no yoru - The WALL - CRIME or DESTROY - at Zepp Tokyo

live report - 07.10.2018 20:01

After a three-month break, MUCC celebrated its great comeback at Zepp Tokyo.

After a three month break, MUCC celebrated a great comeback at Zepp Tokyo. The second concert of MUCC 2018 - fukkatsu no yoru - The WALL - CRIME or DESTROY took place on May 22nd.

Zepp Tokyo was packed with more than 2,000 spectators. A half-destroyed wall made of large blocks was on both sides of the stage. The band came on stage to many cheers and began to play Sei to Shi to Kimi, a new song composed by guitarist Miya.

Then, the lights turned red and green for Orugooru, from the first mini album released in 1999. The audience cheered as they recognised the introduction and everyone jumped in rhythm with the music. The crowd jumped and sang with just as much energy for Shoufu and Waga, Arubeki Basho, MUCC’s major debut song.

After these three classic tracks, the concert went on with TIMER, a new song composed by the vocalist Tatsuro. The song is from new single Jigen Bakudan, due for release on July 25th, which consists of four tracks, one written by each member of the band. TIMER's performance ended with warm applause from the crowd.

The audience clapped in their hands during the heavy song Bouzen Jishitsu. The following song Mushi contrasted with its more joyful and energetic sound. The lights turned purple for Magenta written by the bassist YUKKE, another song off the new single.

MUCC went on with Saishuu Ressha and its melancholic melody, then followed with the two remaining tracks of the new single: Jikokeno, composed by Miya, and Requiem, by drummer SATOchi. The crowd listened attentively to Tatsuro's emotional voice.

The connection between the band and the audience was shown by the common desire to let go and have fun. The whole crowd sang along during Flight and Ageha, then MUCC invited the audience to dance for Falling Down. The band left stage after the popular G.G. and ENDER ENDER.

Soon, MUCC came back to play KILLEЯ. Everyone kept dancing and some fans formed mosh pits while Tatsuro flashed big smiles. The audience shouted Zettai Zetsumei and head-banged along to the eponymous song. Columns of smoke rose from the stage repeatedly for the last song Kurutta Kajitsu (warai). Tatsuro, Miya and YUKKE took cardboard blocks from the stage set’s destroyed wall and sent them flying into the crowd. The song went on and while the stage was running out of smoke, the band kept playing and the fans kept dancing.

This concert switched between songs from the band’s debut to new tracks, showing MUCC’s evolution. On one hand, MUCC displayed a lot of energy and conveyed what they felt during their break through music. On the other, the enthusiastic reaction of their fans proved that this return was eagerly awaited. Although three months may seem like a short time, this break was not insignificant for MUCC and their fans. After carrying on tours and releases for 20 years, MUCC were able to recharge and came back stronger.


01. Sei to Shi to Kimi
02. Orgel
03. Shoufu
04. Waga, Arubeki Basho
06. Mama
07. Bouzen Jishitsu
08. Mushi
09. Magenta
10. Saishuu Ressha
11. Jikokeno
12. Requiem
13. Flight
14. Ageha
15. Falling Down
16. G.G.


EN02. Zettai Zetsumei
EN03. Kurutta Kajitsu (warai)
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