LUNATIC FEST. 2018 at Makuhari Messe: Part #2

live report - 08.07.2018 20:01

LUNA SEA unites rock bands and music fans beyond the boundaries of genres and generations. GLIM SPANKY, SID, DIR EN GREY and GLAY take the stage in Part #2 of JaME’s live report on LUNATIC FEST. 2018.


GLIM SPANKY introduced fans to their nostalgic yet authentic brand of rock with the first song, I stand alone. The band continued to entertain the fans by playing Ikari wo Kureyo, which was featured as a theme song of one of the movies from the popular animation franchise “ONE PIECE”. REMI’s husky vocals conveyed her strong will alongside HIROKI’s punchy guitar riffs. The song’s Japanese lyrics matched very well with their style of old school rock’n roll.

Later, REMI described the band’s encounter with SUGIZO. “Our connection with LUNA SEA goes back to when SUGIZO came to our show shortly after our debut. We were amazed that he checked out a new band like us. Now, let us introduce our special guest, SUGIZO!” REMI invited SUGIZO to the stage. The band selected the satirical Orokamonotachi for a special session that reached beyond the boundaries of generations. The lyricism and high sound pressure of SUGIZO’s guitar playing had great chemistry with the song’s bluesy melody.

After SUGIZO left the stage, the band closed the show with Otonani nattara, a song that was created before their debut. The song’s poetic expression of a teenage mindscape was well received by music fans from many different generations.

Set list

01. I stand alone
03. Ikari wo Kureyo
04. Yami ni me wo koraseba
05. Orokamonotachi
06. Otonani nattara



SID, who are now in their 15th anniversary year, took over the MOON STAGE next. Vocalist Mao attracted fans with his handsome face and euphonic vocals during the opening song Ao.

“We are grateful to be here. We really looked forward to this festival. Let us play this next song to express our respect and thankfulness to LUNA SEA, I for You,” Mao said. SID surprised the fans with their cover of one of LUNA SEA’s classics. As the band’s ensemble and Mao’s heartfelt vocals fascinated fans, RYUICHI suddenly appeared on the stage. The superb harmony of Mao and RYUICHI stunned the fans. “Congratulations on your 15th year!” RYUICHI said and celebrated with SID after the end of the song.

“I’ve been so nervous since this session was decided. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Now, I can finally and relax and enjoy!” Mao said. Now free from the pressure of singing with his senior, SID had the fans fist pump and headbang to Memai. The three instrumentalists’ powerful sounds and shouts from the stage, which was lit by flame effects from the floor, excited fans even more. Mao’s sweet and aggressive voice charged the fans up with enough energy to face the three legendary bands scheduled to perform later.

Set list

01. Ao
02. V.I.P
03. I for You
04. Uso
05. Natsukoi
06. one way
07. Memai



DIR EN GREY started their set with their new single Ningen wo Kaburu. Vocalist Kyo showed off his enormous vocal range from the very beginning. His voice flawlessly shifted from growls to beautiful high notes, and he sometimes shouted in a shrill voice. Kyo swayed in the midst of the dark and heavy band sounds during the second song, Sustain the untruth. Kyo directly projected his emotions through his voice, sometimes hitting the spot on his chest where his heart would be hard with his microphone.

Later, during VINUSHKA, fans gazed at the stage screen and saw footage of bombs falling onto a city in slow motion. Kyo’s mesmerizing falsetto flew out from the stage, together with the heavy sounds of the guitars and drums. Shinya’s drum shots intensified as the screen projected footage of saturation bombing. At the end of the song, Kyo gave a bloodcurdling shout that left the fans stunned. Finally, the vocalist with the dominant presence invited the fans to sing along during the last song, Utafumi. Fans’ voices unified with the brutal yet strangely inclusive performance of the band.

Set list

01. Ningen wo Kaburu
02. Sustain the untruth
04. audience KILLER LOOP
05. Shinkyoku
06. Kodoku ni shisu, yueni kodoku
08. Utafumi



GLAY fulfilled the important responsibility of performing before LUNA SEA. “Come on, Makuhari!” vocalist TERU’s shout kickstarted the show. TERU’s signature passionate high tone voice wowed fans from the opening song, Survival. GLAY’s mix of catchy melodies and masterful guitar techniques continued to thrill fans during coyote,colored darkness. “We will play two ballads. Your father's generation might have listened to the next song when they were young,” TERU said before the band played HOWEVER. The veteran band delivered the grand love song’s unforgettable melody to the diverse audience.

“We have a special guest today, TAKAHIRO!” TERU invited the special co-vocalist to the stage. “I wonder if I can overcome the pressure of singing after HOWEVER,” TAKAHIRO commented honestly. However, TAKAHIRO succeeded in showing off a breathtaking harmony with TERU during the performance of another classic song, BELOVED. Now in the 24th year of their career, GLAY continued to entertain the fans with their cover of LUNA SEA’s FATE. Furthermore, GLAY also treated the fans to special sessions with even more surprise guests: Aki from SID during SHUTTER SPEEDS no theme, and NESMITH from EXILE and EXILE THE SECOND during Kanojo no “Modern…”.

Fans screamed when the last special guest, SUGIZO, appeared on the stage for the special presentation of Yuwaku. An ovation filled the venue when SUGIZO delivered a high-pitched prolonged choking sound during his guitar solo. The iconic guitarist moved around the stage and shredded his guitar as he faced each band member one by one. Showing his hospitality, the guitar legend kindly fixed the tuning of HISASHI’s guitar head before he left the stage. GLAY and their fans delivered their burning passion to LUNA SEA with the last song, XYZ. “We love LUNATIC FEST.!” TERU shouted at the end.

Set list

02. coyote,colored darkness
03. VERB
07. COME ON!!
08. SHUTTER SPEEDS no theme
09. Kanojo no “Modern…"
10. Yuwaku
11. XYZ

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