LUNATIC FEST. 2018 at Makuhari Messe: Part #3

live report - 08.10.2018 20:01

LUNA SEA played yet another legendary show, closing the first day of the festival with a special session of “BELIEVE” with guest artists.


Blue lights illuminated the stage while the sound of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata resonated. An ovation rose as fans saw the silhouettes of LUNA SEA’s five members step out onto the stage lit by rays of light from the mirror ball above them.

The band started the show with Hold You Down. An ovation echoed through the venue as the roaring sound of SUGIZO’s guitar lifted the fans’ spirits. Excited fans waved their hands to the right and left as they sang along with RYUICHI. After the first song, INORAN took center stage and delivered the well-known intro riffs of TONIGHT. Explosion effects from the stage were set off at J’s shout. The four front members moved freely around the stage, and fans responded enthusiastically by shouting out their names.

“This is the second LUNATIC FEST.. Every band gave a great performance today, and we are on fire as well. Let’s blow away the rain outside!” RYUICHI stirred the fans up. The band then introduced audience members watching them perform live for the first time to their classic number Dejavu. The engrossing rhythm each guitarist played kept even first-timers spellbound, and an ovation rose from the audience when SUGIZO delivered his rage-filled guitar solo. “Makuhari! Let me hear your voice! Bring it on!” RYUICHI challenged the fans. The band brought the song to an explosive finish accompanied by loud shouts from the audience. However, the fans’ voices grew even louder when they heard Shinya’s drum intro for the next classic song, JESUS. During the song, J’s chilling bass sounds hit fans hard. The bassist lifted up his right hand to indicate his vocal interlude while he absorbed an enormous ovation from the fans. The battle of J’s deep, masculine voice and RYUICHI’s glamorous vocals gave the fans an adrenaline rush.

Later, a spotlight shone down on SUGIZO and his violin. The beautiful melody he played on the instrument resonated throughout the venue, and the gentle sound of INORAN’s acoustic guitar accompanied it as Yamibi started. RYUICHI’s dynamic voice sang of love and hope in the midst of the storm of chaos in the world. Wishes, anxiety, and many other emotions were conveyed through each note. SUGIZO switched to a guitar in the middle of the song. The choking sound of his guitar combined with Shinya powerful drum shots to touch fans’ souls. Flames behind the band members enhanced the dramatic atmosphere. The relentless sound of each instrument and RYUICHI’s ever-zealous vocals resonated from the stage. Towards the end of the performance, the song once again modulated to a graceful melody as SUGIZO switched back to his violin. The fans applauded to show their respect for the band.

“We dedicate the next song to all of you here today, I for You,” RYUICHI said. The song of ultimate love filled fans’ hearts with warmth. “Let’s make this venue the hottest place in the universe!” the vocalist declared to start the climax of the show. DESIRE set the fans on fire. Fans exploded with joy when RYUICHI shouted out the title of the next song, TIME IS DEAD. Fans shouted along with INORAN and SUGIZO during the chorus, and they raised their fists and jumped up to SUGIZO’s guitar solo. Smoke and wind emanated from under SUGIZO as he shredded his guitar in his iconic pose.

Later, during ROSIER, J’s vocal interlude challenged fans to put their hearts into the show. The bassist threw his microphone stand backwards, and SUGIZO’s guitar solo took over. “Makuhari Messe, let’s go full throttle together!” RYUICHI stirred the fans up. Still full of energy, Shinya delivered thunderous drum shots with astonishing velocity, as if he was empowering the four men in front of him and the band’s fans to exceed their limits. LUNA SEA closed the show with WISH. Silver metallic ribbons were shot out, and the fans’ singalong created a strong feeling of oneness.

The five members came back for an encore. The first day of LUNATIC FEST. had a grand finale of LUNA SEA and guest artists performing a special session version of BELIEVE. TERU from GLAY, Mao from SID and TAKAHIRO from EXILE and ACE OF SPADES all joined RYUICHI on the stage. Fans waved their hands left and right while they sang along with the four superb vocalists.

The five members of LUNA SEA took a group photo with the fans. Then, they stood side by side and held one another’s hands while the piano melody of MOTHER was played in the background. The five members and the fans jumped up together to bring the fantastic day to a close.

Set list

01. Hold You Down
03. Dejavu
05. Rouge
06. gravity
07. Yamibi
08. I for You
12. WISH


13. BELIEVE (Session)

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