LOVEBITES - Clockwork Immortality

review - 01.22.2019 19:01

The battle-inspiring album.

LOVEBITES was formed only three years ago, but they have quickly gained popularity in Japan and overseas. The band became the "Best New Band" at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2018 and successfully wrapped up their first one-man European tour last year. The reason for this success lies not just in the classic heavy/power metal sound combined with the English lyrics. It’s in the passion which LOVEBITES put into their music. On the second full album, titled Clockwork Immortality, the band offers a dense, heavy sound, beautiful vocals and epic tracks.

Perhaps, the last one is the most noticeable. From the opener Addicted through the final track Epilogue, the release is filled with powerful encouragement, strong enough to make you do something great, or at least, fill you with the energy for the upcoming days. For example, during The Final Collision you can almost feel that you are running into medieval battle, inspired by the powerful drumming driving you forward, singing “This will be our final night, this will be our final fight” along with the vocalist. These simple words can’t fully describe the exact feeling; this is something listeners should try themselves.

Generally, it’ll be best if you listen Clockwork Immortality in one go. The release will suck you into the amazing LOVEBITES universe for the whole 50 minutes. That’s why it’s hard to choose the best song, they flow smoothly one into another, making a really strong impact.

All the songs are written to perfectly highlight the strengths of each musician. With every track you have a chance to listen to parts with powerful vocals, fast guitar solos and forceful rhythm section. This is a remarkable work skills-wise, packed with energy and passion, making it really addictive. By the way, be careful with Epilogue, the final song and the only ballad on the album. The touching lyrics and soft sound could make even the most ruthless metalheads burst into tears.

LOVEBITES is a relatively young band; nevertheless these musicians once again proved that they’re aiming for the top tier. Clockwork Immortality is a really good metal release, so fans of the genre will definitely be pleased with the powerful, inspiring and skillful sound, as well as the beautiful and epic atmosphere.

Clockwork Immortality is available from JPU Records.
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