TRUE “5th Anniversary Live Sound! Vol. 1 ~SINGLE COLLECTION~” at TSUTAYA O-EAST

live report - 04.05.2019 20:01

TRUE celebrated her 5th anniversary with a sold-out show at TSUTAYA O-EAST and announcements for fans worldwide!

TRUE celebrated her 5th anniversary with a sold-out live at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Shibuya. The concert titled "TRUE 5th Anniversary Live Sound! Vol.1 ~SINGLE COLLECTION~" brought fans from all over Japan as well as from overseas to celebrate the milestone.

As blue lights filled the stage, the supporting band members entered one by one and took their places. TRUE entered from the back of the stage and stepped onto a platform that helped fans get a better view of her. Wearing a cute white dress, she started jumping as the first song DREAM SOLISTER from the anime "Sound! Euphonium" opened the anniversary live.

BUTTERFLY EFFECTOR followed; TRUE stood on the riser on the right side of the stage for this fast-paced song, making a motion for fans to fist pump along with her. After the song, it was time for her to greet everyone and thank them for coming to celebrate the five years of TRUE. She explained that this live would be a way for her to thank everyone for the support during that time, and also asked the fans not to cause trouble during the live and have fun until the end. She turned her attention on the girls-only area on the left side of the stage and approached to greet them more personally, mentioning it was a small and cute area.

Hajimari no Tsubasa from the OVA “Suisei no Gargantia ~Meguru Kouro, Haruka~” was a nice pause after the fast song. White spotlights danced on the walls of the live house. Next was Dear answer, the opening theme of “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation”, and a disco ball reflected purple lights for the first time that evening. RIPTIDE and Bunshin brought about closer interaction between TRUE and her band members; for Bunshin TRUE’s voice hit the highest note so far and each member got a solo.

ailes from TRUE’s third single came after an MC about her debut and her work these past five years, pleasing fans of the anime “Junketsu no Maria”. Lonely Queen's Liberation Party put the spotlight on the piano with its soft and melodic intro while STEEL -Tekketsu no Kizuna- from the “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” series put the spotlight on the guitarist with its guitar intro. Everyone pumped their fists up high to the beat.

After a water break, it was the turn of “THE [email protected]TER” fans to get excited. Hanazakari Weekend✿, NO CURRY NO LIFE and RED ZONE brought new lightstick colors from many of the series’ fans who danced with excitement as TRUE approached the risers and sang up close to them.

TRUE spoke about the next song, which was from Netflix’s series “Violet Evergarden”, and the importance of using the right words when communicating, as the anime touches on said subject. Sincerely, a ballad that needed no movements to reach the audience, was performed while sitting on the platform stairs. BLUE MOON CHILD, the B-side song for the single Hiryuu no Kishi, made the disco ball shine again. The aforementioned single’s title song came next, a treat for “Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut” anime fans who sang along to parts of the song as per TRUE’s request.

The next MC included an introduction by each band member as they congratulated TRUE on her 5th anniversary. An unexpected warm up activity by the drummer had fans following his instructions on how to stretch with a dance-like pelvic movement that had everyone laughing.

After the warm up came JUMPIN’. True to its name, fans jumped as TRUE gave instructions on what to say at certain parts of the fun song that was filled with colored lights over the stage. UNISONIA, TRUE’s debut single, was a welcome surprise that drew screams and applause from fans. It was followed by TWIN BIRD and Divine Spell — the latter served as the opening theme of the anime “Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars”. The song block closed with Kaleidoscope from TRUE’s first album. Everyone, including TRUE, had their towels in the air and waved them around to the beat. A lucky fan caught TRUE’s towel as she threw hers to the audience at the end!

TRUE thanked everyone for coming to the show and for their support these five years. After the last song From, everyone left the stage but fans clapped for minutes, which were answered with an encore. The band members returned to the stage wearing the T-shirts sold during the event. TRUE had changed her white dress to a white and pink T-shirt, which was one of the merchandise as well, plus jean shorts, white sneakers and a fuschia wristband.

For the opening MC of the encore, upcoming single Blast!, to be released on April 17th, was mentioned. As a treat, the title song and a new song from that single, Another colony, were performed live. Another surprise was in store: a new live TRUE 5th Anniversary Live Sound! Vol.2 ~FAN SELECTION~ was announced, and the highlight of this new live is that fans worldwide can choose their favorite songs through an online form. The night reached its emotional peak as TRUE sang the last song, Soundscape. She bowed deeply to thank and say goodbye to her fans.

Fans worldwide will certainly look forward to this special live happening this August, and what the year will bring for TRUE’s career.

Set list

03. Hajimari no Tsubasa
04. Dear answer
06. Bunshin
07. ailes
08. Lonely Queen's Liberation Party
09. STEEL -Tekketsu no Kizuna-
10. Hanazakari Weekend✿
13. Sincerely
15. Hiryuu no Kishi
19. Divine Spell
20. Kaleidoscope
21. From

01. Another colony
02. Blast!
03. Soundscape
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