Jackson Vibe - Machibouke ~Honey, Honey~

review - 09.02.2007 08:00

A cool summer release from Jackson Vibe.

The year 2007 has been an eventful one so far for Jackson Vibe as they signed on to Avex and came out with six singles in six months. The fifth release in this whirlwind of music is Machibouke ~Honey, Honey~, which came out in June. The single contains three tracks that are perfect for the start of summer.

The first track, Machibouke ~Honey, Honey~ is a laid-back song with a country twang and an up-tempo beat. Yoshikazu Grover’s singing is carefree and light hearted, inspiring one to sing along. The song invokes the feeling of a summertime road trip with adventure on the horizon.

Track two is titled Red Rock Folks and is slightly slower than Machibouke ~Honey, Honey~. The easy beat and simple chords give an atmosphere of relaxation, perfect for lazing around on a warm afternoon; Red Rock Folks seems tailor made for lounging in the shade. Guitar playing takes precedent in this song with all transitions to the chorus done with sweet, simple lead ins.

The last song on the single is banme no tsuki. It leans more towards traditional rock than the other two tracks with its harder opening, however as the vocals kick in the song takes on a grand mixture of styles, including elements of swing and even big band music. The end result is a unique sound that works remarkably well; it is a happy dancing song through and through.

The single Machibouke ~Honey, Honey~ proves that Jackson Vibe is as adept at blending musical genres as ever. From bouncy pop-rock to smooth folksy blues, Machibouke ~Honey, Honey~ combines it all to leave you with a smile on your face.
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