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review - 09.19.2007 08:00

WRENCH fires it up with their debut album.

WRENCH's debut album, nitro, definitely lives up to its title. Right from the the start, this four-member band, lights a fire beneath the listener, starting off with feel more and blast your dance music. These two tracks set the mood for much of the rest of the album, consisting mostly of shouting vocals courtesy of SHIGE, occasionally in English such as those heard in feel more.

Fast-paced and slightly insanity tinged, stick it out and lights give out all freedom are guitar and synthesizer-heavy tunes, the kind that're probably better appreciated at a live show when one can free move and thrash about. Drummer MUROCHIN and bassist Tomohiro Matsuda are given their own chance to shine in the fourth track, dynamite music, although their solid contribution in the rhythm section often sneaks into the other songs as well, providing a refreshing break from the synthesizer and winding guitar lines.

firestorm appears at first listen to be a slightly generic rock tune, but the increased use of cymbal and synthesizer help it stand out from the pack while the following track, recover, shows off some of the skill of guitarist Azuma Sakamoto, who may be best known to Western music listeners as part of Olivia's support band. 3027 is a strange, slightly psychedelic song as SHIGE's vocal work is mostly limited to odd noises, letting the listener coast along on the 1970's inspired rhythm and the guitar. While a bit of a bizarre tune, it is this very unconventional sound that makes it one of the most memorable on the entire album.

Nitro closes out with alpen and two way, ending the album much the same way it began, with plenty of grit and energy. two way, like feel more, even comes complete with more simplistic shouting in English from SHIGE and plenty of guitar.

While the style of music may be too repetitive for some, this album should definitely appeal to those who like their rock or 'alternative music' to have a slightly punk feel to it without crossing over entirely into Sex Pistols or Balzac territory. The four men who make up WRENCH are obviously skilled, especially when it comes to handling their instruments. Those looking for deep and meaningful lyrics may want to look elsewhere, but for anyone interested in enjoying some serious guitar, bass, and drum playing with a thick layer of synthesizer, nitro is a must listen.

For more info on WRENCH, check out their official site.
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