J - walk along ~infinite mix~

review - 11.05.2007 07:00

J's newest single is a perfect mix of guitar and violin.

J's second single of 2007, walk along ~infinite mix~ is a two-track treat for the ears. Listeners familiar with J's most recent album, URGE, will undoubtedly recognize the title track as being a remix of off of that release but one does not need to be already well-acquainted with the man's music to enjoy this single. Released in two different versions, one with a DVD and one without, this is a review of the regular edition.

walk along ~infinite mix~ boasts the talent of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in addition to J's own considerable skills. While the original walk along, the final track off of URGE, was a somewhat nostalgic affair and an excellent note to end the album on, this remix has a slightly more melancholic air to it. With the strings of the orchestra singing behind J's characteristic vocals and rock 'n roll style, it gives the song that extra pensive touch without losing its precarious balance and becoming maudlin.

The second song, and... hope, is the type of track that J excels in. With a buoyant attitude and quick tempo, it's a refreshing dose of pure rock after walk along ~infinite mix~. J's voice isn't quite suited to the soaring chorus, but he thankfully makes no attempt at pretending to be a smooth-voiced pop star and listeners will be quick to forgive this tiny quirk out of gratitude that he stays true to his own unique style.

walk along ~infinite mix~ is definitely worth its price; previous J fans should enjoy the twist of the remix as well as the solidly rock and... hope. New listeners will be given a glimpse of this man and his music, and will undoubtedly be hungry for more.
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