SID - Mitsuyubi~MITSUYUBI~

review - 11.06.2007 07:00

Cooler weather gets the blood boiling and fingers snapping.

At the end of September, visual-kei band SID released their third single of the year, Mitsuyubi~MITSUYUBI~. Released in three versions, two with a DVD and one without, this is a review of the regular edition.

A jazzy, upbeat tune, Mitsuyubi~MITSUYUBI~ plays to SID's strengths. A strong bass line and some of the best drum work fans have yet heard from Yuuya set the foundation of the song and keep it barreling along right until the very end. A horn section adds a bit of an extra kick in between the bass and the guitar, the latter of which shines during a wild solo. Despite being something of a departure in style, much more rock'n'roll as opposed to the jazziness of the rest of the track, the guitar solo doesn't feel at all misplaced; instead, it becomes one of the highlights. Vocalist Mao brings his own twist to the mix with sensual lyrics, his vocal work alternating between a lover's whisper and the high notes he's known for.

The second track on this single is Chiisana Shiawase, a very different tune than Mitsuyubi~MITSUYUBI~. With a simple, yet lovely, acoustic guitar melody and rather enka-inspired vocal work, this is a stripped down song with none of the flashiness of the title track. Slow and moving, it continues SID's trend of coupling songs unlike each other on their singles.

SID's fans, both new and old, should soak up this release; with its catchy melody and nod to the influences found on their debut album of years back, Mitsuyubi~MITSUYUBI~ is one of the best releases from this band yet. Those who haven't yet had the chance to experience SID should strongly consider trying this Oricon chart contender out.
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