D'ERLANGER - Barairo no seikai

review - 04.02.2008 08:00

A powerful come-back concert from a long lost band.

On Christmas day in 2006, D'ERLANGER came out with a unique Christmas gift by announcing their comeback after seventeen years. Two albums released on the same day in March were followed by a performance at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo on April 2nd. The DVD Barairo no seikai contains footage of this powerful comeback concert.

The DVD opens with images and screams of excited fans, waiting eagerly for the concert to start. And so it does, opening with Kain, the first song off D'ERLANGER's album LAZZARO. As the band enters the stage, the excitement grows, and the crowd explodes when they start playing their old but familiar song LA VIE EN ROSE. This is a perfect start to the concert and the audience enthusiastically screams along with the song. Although the band has gotten older, and Kyo's voice is deeper, they perform the song with the same power as they did in the past, right away proving to their fans that after all these years, they haven't lost their vibe yet.

LA VIE EN ROSE is followed by SADISTIC EMOTION, another of the band's older songs that they perform with a lot of energy. Once again the audience, which seems to know all the songs by heart, is screaming along. They are clearly audible as Kyo stops singing for a short moment. Later in the song he calls out to the fans and encourages them to continue singing.

After SADISTIC EMOTION the band plays a new song from their album LAZZARO: dummy blue. This song is performed just as well as their older songs. A few songs later, after INDECENT-TWO-PERSONS - another amazing performance with interesting light effects - drummer Tetsu Kikuchi gives the audience a drum solo. It leads into AFTER IMAGE, which is followed by quieter song, SAD SONG. The rest of the concert continues in the same manner, each performance as powerful as the next.

The atmosphere of the concert is dark and mysterious, with the band members dressed in stylish black suits and mannequins spread all over the stage. In the background are two enormous crosses. The style of the concert certainly suits this band. Up until the very last song the band shows what it's got and certainly doesn't let the fans down. By playing old as well as new songs, D'ERLANGER has proven they still know what they're doing. The performance on this DVD is full of the old rock feeling that has never left D'ERLANGER and with that, the DVD is something that fans of the band will not want to miss!
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