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live report - 04.12.2008 08:00

Report of visual kei band Billy's one-man show 'Ketsugousareta chou no mukui' at Shibuya BOXX on February 24th.

Jazz music was being piped quietly into the venue. There was a huge screen on the stage, showing an old-fashioned room with a broken window and letters scattered on the floor. Billy’s members appeared in the image, wearing the chic costumes from their Butterfly United single. They materialized and vanished one after another like illusions. As the audience grew more excited watching the strange scene, Bobbin, the mascot cat of Billy, suddenly appeared on the screen. He informed the audience how to behave properly at a live concert, with Billy’s members appearing and outrageously acting out inappropriate scenarios. This made the audience laugh, the entire mood of the venue became happy and warm. After Bobbin's warnings, the ruined old room reappeared on the screen, and the SE got louder and heavier, shaking the walls of the building and setting the mood for the concert.

The opening opera SE started and Billy’s members - Hiroshi, Tsubuku, Takuma, Mine, and Baku - appeared on stage one by one. They were all in the fashionable black suits of Bouquet. Everyone in the venue raised their hands and made the peace sign with their fingers as the opera SE reached its climax. The first song, Butterfly United, started the amazing live. Mine, Tsubuku, and Takuma slipped forward to the front of the stage, and fans waved their hands like butterflies in the air with the music.

Then each member was introduced as they took turns standing at center stage, and the fans called out names and cheered wildly. The next song was Another Seishunjidai. Mine and Takuma stood at center stage and held an impromptu guitar duel, and fans jumped around all together. Tsubuku rocked out on his bass and Hiroshi headbanged crazily while drumming. The lighting then changed to red as Casablanca started. The hard rhythm of the drums and low bass rocked everyone's souls and excited their blood. Fans, led by Baku, raised their fists and the venue was filled with excitement to the point where the second floor began to shake!

With a shout of "come on guys!" the band launched into Untouchable~Idainaru Kanjou~, and fans raised their hands and moved left and right to the upbeat rhythm. As Baku finished singing, he looked over the audience and then looked up, as though unable to contain his happiness.

"Thank you Shibuya, for our final live! We have come back after achieving great work. Please feel Billy with your bodies and souls!" Baku shouted, before diving dramatically into Closet Love Story with his sexy sweet voice. Tsubuku’s bass line moved the beautiful melodies and Hiroshi’s drums set the entire mood of the song. Fans listened to this sweet love song silently, but in the next song, Lagrange point, they went wild again. The guitars, bass and drums mixed crazily, members shouted and Mine’s guitar sounded hysterically. Hiroshi’s drumming was intense, and the momentum carried him through his drum solo. Each time the low bass drums and dry cymbals crashed, the fans called "Hiroshi!"

Then the mysterious SE of Ayame sounded on the darkened stage, with drums and heavy guitar slowly added. Baku sang under flashing lights, and then suddenly everything dropped out, leaving only a guitar playing the sweet melody. This led into the grand ballad Will Smile. The simple, beautiful main melodies were repeated over and over, and thousands of lights bloomed like white flowers and illuminated the venue. A dramatic world unfolded before us all, where teenagers struggled with conflict and distress, only to be reminded that simple words and simple messages are often better than more complicated ones. Then a bright orange light filled the stage, and Tuesday~Kaibutsu wa koufuku ni michita~ started. Takuma moved and played guitar gracefully, and looked at the audience with his luscious eyes. Baku finished singing the song and made everyone smile as he said thank you!

After another SE break, the bright, energetic song Brand-new Bird started and fans raised their fists all together. During the hard song Liar Game, they headbanged wildly. The lights flashed, and it seemed as though the very air was ripping apart. Suddenly, red sirens flashed and shouts of a man running away sounded on stage, which began [Waga Tousou] show. The audience started to headbang all together. As Baku sang and walked around the stage, he carried a black flag. The flashing lights, red sirens and deathvoices from members created chaos in the venue, and fans flooded forward. Baku shouted, Hiroshi beat down on his drums and Mine, Takuma and Tsubuku stirred up fans at the front stage. It was the defining moment of the night.

The mood then totally changed with The Bluffer. Fans moved with the members on stage to the bright melody and sang together "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" As they clapped their hands and jumped, Baku led them in chanting. Then Baku did a series of back flips rather unexpectedly, and Mine, Tsubuku and Takuma gathered around him. It was heartwarming and clear how close their friendship was. "Everyone here will become one!" Baku said with a big smile, and Hito no iki e (It’s integral) started. The members stepped to the marching rhythm and the fans danced with them. "Thank you for the tour final! I’m very happy to be with you," Baku said before the last song: the upbeat Shounen [B] Change. Bright messages were sent to everyone from Billy by their lively music. Once again, members said thank you heartily before leaving the stage. Almost immediately, the audience started to call wildly for an encore.

When the lights came back on, the members returned in "Billy-bu" (Billy club) T-shirts. They all had pink towels, which were presents from Billy to their fans as thanks for a sold out concert. In Rose Helicopter, fans spun the pink towels to the tiptop happy song and threw them according to the lyrics, which looked amazing: the entire venue seemed filled with pink propellers flying and dancing. When the stage began to glow yellow, Hikari no gunman, a Billy-style pop rock song, began. All of the members and fans showed their happiness to be able to be there together at the same time. Then, with the announcement “please listen to the last song,” Brilliant Bouquet & Braveheart Boy, the opening song of Billy's album Bouquet, started quietly.

After the song, Billy's album jackets were projected one by one onto the overhead screen, and when news of their one-man live Sora kara orita Bouquet in Shibuya O-EAST on May 10th, 2008 was released to the audience, there was a big applause. Members appeared and gave their impressions about the live one by one, along with the message: "we want to start a new revolution in the visual kei scene. Please believe and follow us, and support Billy continuously!" The last song of the encore was Blossom. Members ran around on the stage and fans headbanged and jumped all together. Billy's simple words, "Flowers bloom. Dreams bloom. What about you?" was repeated over and over. All the members of the band and fans had a picture taken from the stage, and everyone in the venue held up their hands and jumped together. After that, members said thank you to the fans and left the stage, leaving the audience happy but also slightly sad that the experience had come to an end.

The words and music released by Billy are less about the material world and more about the vivid emotions which every human has. Billy has a wide range of songs, from the crazy happy to the profound and heavy. With their own unique style, Billy will continue to develop their world of Bouquet, and fans can look forward to seeing it at the one-man live in Shibuya O-WEST in May.

Set list:

1. Butterfly United
Member introduction
2. Another Seishunjidai
3. Casablanca
4. Untouchable~Idainaru Kanjou~
5. Closet Love Story
6. Lagrange point
Drum solo
7. Ayame
8. Will smile
9. Tsuesday~Kaibutsu wa koufuku ni michita~
10. Brand-new Bird
11. Liar Game
12. [Waga Tousou] show
13. The Bluffer
14. Shounen [B] out
15. Hito no iki e (It’s integral)
16. Shounen [B] change

En1. Rose Helicopter
En2. Hikari no Gunman
En3. Brilliant Bouquet & Braveheart Boy

image of announcement
En4. Blossom
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