lynch. - Adore

review - 04.13.2008 08:00

A short and sweet single from lynch.

Despite the popularity they gained in 2007, lynch. mostly still flies under the radar as an indies Jrock band. However, with their first release of 2008, the band shows that their ambition hasn’t faltered a bit. Sticking to their own style of music, lynch. continues to impress. The single, aptly titled Adore, came out on April 2nd and goes a long way towards making you fall in love with the band.

The title track starts with a short drum and guitar intro. It is just long enough to pique your interest, then Hazuki seals the deal as he leaps in, raging and snarling, with his perfectly controlled deathvoice. The furious tempo and growling vocals lead the listener to believe Adore will be an industrial rock track, but things change as the music smooths out and Hazuki’s voice becomes lilting and rich. Between the silky singing, the roaring yells and the relentless beat, Adore will keep you hooked and headbanging until the very last note.

The B-side to this single is an illusion, which starts with rippling guitar intro. The song is noticeably slower compared to Adore and without any yelling, but it is darkly mesmerizing all on its own. Soft and sleek in minor key, an illusion contains addictive guitar riffs and has a reverberating melody that is both calming and haunting. As much as Adore had you jumping, an illusion will keep you swaying with its carefully crafted swells and drops.

The single Adore is a good introduction to those who have never heard of lynch. before. It shows off both the band’s ability to rock and to charm. With such promising abilities, it shouldn’t be long before lynch. becomes a band you’ll adore as well!
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lynch. - Adore

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