DaizyStripper - Dandelion

review - 10.23.2008 08:00

The popular visual band DaizyStripper's debut single was an immediate hit for good reason.

DaizyStripper is the young band that's taking the indies visual scene by storm. It usually takes a while for a band to do well on the charts, perform for a huge crowd like at Ajinomoto stadium and play at a large overseas venue, but this year and a half old band has already managed to do it all. What set things in motion was Daizy's debut release Dandelion, which peaked at tenth on the Oricon indie chart after its first press was released, but made it to number one for its second press, which means the single's popularity grew over time. So is Dandelion really deserving of all the hype it's generated?

Considering the fact that there's only one song on the single, fans may find themselves a tad disappointed. However, its popularity at the time of its release is understandable for a number of reasons. One aspect that would probably attract Japanese listeners is the sincerity of the lyrics on the sole track, Dandelion. Yu-giri expresses his dominant feeling at the time: excitement about their first live show. Having never been in a band before, the anticipation for the young vocalist must have been heartfelt, and a direct message to the fans would certainly be appreciated.

The song opens with a soft piano and heartfelt aria from Yu-giri, where we get a sense of his high register and control, which is impressive for a newcomer. The nostalgic, beautiful mood then breaks and makes way for a fairly fast paced song with some surprisingly rocking guitars. The bridge is similarly divided, part heavy guitar riffs and part sincere vocals with piano. In this one song, Daizy gives you a taste of their myriad of talents, from the brief but smashing guitar solo to the shifting moods directed by Kazami's varying drums, Rei's subtle but cool bass and finally, the soaring vocals.

The PV that comes with the single complements it perfectly, with romantic shots of the sunlight streaming through the clouds, a lone yellow flower growing from a rock and the ocean behind the band. The members are are all decked out in elaborate but modern costumes of white and black.

Ultimately, it's easy to see why Dandelion has been so successful. And with more singles coming out in the immediate future, there's no doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of the impressive new band DaizyStripper.
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