DaizyStripper [CROSS] at Takadanobaba AREA

live report - 10.28.2008 08:00

A sold out finale on September 8th meant the DaizyStripper tour, 'CROSS: Ryuusei Trip/ Gekijou Trip' was extended by one extra, fun night at Takadanobaba AREA.

The finale of DaizyStripper's oneman tour, [CROSS] Geikjou Trip/ Ryuusei Trip, through Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo on the 8th of September turned out not to be so final after all, as huge demand for tickets led to the adding of a second date at AREA on the 9th. This live, simply named [CROSS] was equally popular as young girls in their teens and twenties filled AREA with excited chatter.

The DaizyStripper rabbit mascot appeared briefly before the live to go over a few livehouse manners and then, as blue lights shone on the stage, the members appeared.

The spotlight shone on vocalist Yu-giri as the live started with Hoshizora to Kiminote, from the dual-CD release, CROSS. The fans avidly joined in the furitsuke, waving their hands from left to right in accordance with Yu-giri. The following, Tsumi na Batsu continued the elaborate hand dances from Yu-giri while the other members danced about in their own way, turning around on the stage in time with each other. This choreography between both band and fans created a fun atmosphere in the room would prevail until the end.

"Welcome to the Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka one-man live [CROSS] Additional performance! Let's Enjoy it!" said Yu-giri. As the fans cheered the band began to play two familiar and popular live tunes: Baby Kingdom and ~White Butterfly~. They jumped along animatedly while moving their hands in their continual mimicry of Yu-giri. The next tune meanwhile, Rude Boy changed the pace a little with a nostalgic melody as the mirror ball on stage turning in the red lights created a pattern of red stars around the room. Farewell Line continued this new gentle feel with a ballad. It was a special presentation of the song too being performed as a collaboration between Yu-giri and guitarist, Mayu.

The ballad ended with Kazami performing a short version of Hoshizora to Kiminote on the piano before his short solo on the drums and a call and response game with the audience. This, bassist Rei continued eliciting the audience to raise their fists in the air as he played his bass. As Rei finished his game the band became one group again for Juliet no Knife and some towel whirling in endorphin. The energy outburst of endorphin brought back the fun, party feel before the band settled into a longer MC.

"We went to the United States in August. How was it, Kazami?" Yu-giri asked the drummer.
"We participated in OTAKON 2008. The cosplay of overseas people was great. Naruto, Mario, Pikachu.... Full make-up in full get-up from the morning. It was amazing! We also did and autograph session and a handshake event," Kazami replied.
Rei meanwhile talked a little of the 'fighting spirits' of the Osaka live.
"The same live cannot be done again though. We should enjoy the moment today!" said Nao in response.
"Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, every live was happy! Everyone enjoyed it!" added Mayu.

"The tension is raised!" shouted Yu-giri, bringing the MC to an end. The stage was filled with light as Yu-giri announced the next tune, Trigger with the order to "jump". The band got the girls to call out their names during the song as the melody repeated itself for each member: Kazami, Rei, Nao, Mayu and finally Yu-giri. The live continued on this high with a parade of equally intense, fun songs; Dandelion, Camerica, Black DROPPer and decade which raised the bar with some furious headbanging and moshing.

As it finished, Yu-giri spoke. 'The next is the last song. Thank you for gathering for this additional performance. We feel very grateful and I want to sing for you' he said. This final song, Brilliant Days was indeed sung powerfully and in a loud clear voice.

When the members left the stage, DaizyStripper's music continued to play over the speaker system and fans began to sing along loudly as a way of calling for an encore.

"I heard everyone's passionate singing in the dressing room" said Yu-giri as he re-appeared. The other members soon re-appeared for a repeat performance of Farewell Line and then Shikisai Vivit.
The final song was to be the new single TRUTH. Yu-giri introduced the song: "When it is painful at school or at work, it is possible to be helped a little by words and so we made this song." They then performed TRUTH to close the live.

As goodbyes were said, the members held each others' hands and encouraged the crowd to do so too. Everyone in the livehouse jumped as one to loud applause and cheering after. Yu-giri had the last word though shouting "Really thank you very much!!" without a microphone before he left the stage for good.

Set list:

1. Hoshizora to Kiminote
2. Tsumi na Batsu
3. Baby Kingdom
4. ~White Butterfly~
5. Rude Boy
6. Farewell Line (Vo.& Mayu Gt. Version)
7. Kazami solo
8. Rei solo
9. Juliet no Knife
10. endorphin.
11. Trigger
12. Dandelion
13. Camerica
14. Black DROPPer
15. decade
16. Brilliant Days

1. Farewell Line
2. Shikisai Vivit
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