Keke - Cosmic Alice Wonderland

review - 05.26.2013 23:51

Keke(ヶ´∀`)'s second single challenges a new sound.

A year after the release of DARUMAROMAN, Keke(ヶ´∀`) follows up with his second single released on April 23rd. Cosmic Alice Wonderland was produced by popular VOCALOID producer, Machigerita, known for his quirky songs that often feature a notable visual kei element. Packed with three tracks, Cosmic Alice Wonderland blends the aesthetics of visual kei, Machigerita’s skill and bubbly aspects of Keke(ヶ´∀`)’s personality with a bright, fun sound.

If the weather is gloomy, if you’re feeling down or it’s just “one of those days”, Cosmic Alice Wonderland is the best remedy. The title track is undoubtedly a mood changer with a fast-paced beat and synthesizer, paired with an energetic guitar line—a combination seemingly inspired from An Cafe’s brighter songs melded with SuG’s darker but cute elements.

The B-side tracks, Sweet Poison Factory and Wonderland Crawler, bring out a darker, crazy side to the single, in comparison to Cosmic Alice Wonderland. Sweet Poison Factory lives up to its name for much of the intro: dark, inciting, inviting the listener in, but too much goes on in the verses. The vocal are too monotonous—there isn’t much of an original melody until the hook and chorus. The highlight of the track is in the last third of song when the layers of synthesizers are removed: Keke(ヶ´∀`)’s distorted voice reflects an ill feeling, a “sweet poison”. Still, not bad for a cover of Machigerita's original track.

Wonderland Crawler on the other hand, caters to fans who want that heavier rock sound within the visual kei world. The track sounds radically different—a clear melody and a chance for Keke(ヶ´∀`)’s voice to shine—in comparison to Sweet Poison Factory and could almost be an A-side track.

Since debuting with DARUMAROMAN a year ago, Keke(ヶ´∀`) has slowly gained popularity in online communities, though he has sparked interest with a wider audience after recently appearing on dwangya alongside Kameleo. It’s certain that Keke(ヶ´∀`) will only continue improving himself and releasing more in the near future.

The PV for Cosmic Alice Wonderland (below) is abstract but ablaze with eye-popping colours. In a cut-out stop-motion animation style, Keke(ヶ´∀`) floats in open space between planets made out of cookies and donuts. He rides in an oversized teacup (with a face!) and travels to a new world where he meets a giant rabbit and a talking worm in a top hat.

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